2009/09/06 - Planned E-mail Outage
Starting at 9 PM on Sunday evening, Rhodes e-mail mailboxes will be unavailable. It is expected that work will be completed by 1 AM. During this time, incoming messages will be stored for later delivery. Outgoing e-mail messages (from Rhodes to the Internet) will not be affected.

During the maintenance, e-mail mailboxes will be transferred to a new server.
The migration of mail to a new server was completed at about 3.30AM this morning. Not unsurprisingly with a move of this magnitude, there are a few minor problems as a result. Most notably it appears as if the indices on a small number of mailboxes have become corrupt. Users who're affected will find they cannot get a listing of mail in their mailbox, and that no new mail is being delivered. Whilst you're welcome to report these problems to our Help Desk, we can also detect these from the log files and will resolve them as and when we do.