2009/08/29 - Scheduled Internet Maintenance
We've just received notification from Neotel that they intend undertaking scheduled maintenance of our Internet connection on Saturday 29 August 2009. Work will begin at 9AM, and should be completed by 11AM.

We're told that the work is occurring on a protected circuit and is therefore non-service-affecting. This means that whilst Neotel are working on this circuit, Rhodes' traffic will be carried by a backup circuit. As a result, this maintenance work shouldn't affect our about ability to access the Internet. In the unlikely event that it does, users will likely see ERR_DNS_FAIL or ERR_CONNECT_FAIL error when trying to access websites hosted off campus.

As this maintenance is occurring outside their normal maintenance window, Rhodes has an option to postpone it. We have not, however, exercised this option.
The background to this work from Neotel is as follows: "Eskom Distribution has requested us to move our fibre from the old structures on the route from Blanco - Knysna this coming weekend to the newly erected structures. These structures are old wooden structures and need Eskom requires to have these wooden power lines dismantled by the 31st of August 2009. The section of the line which is approximately 1.6Km has to be dismantled and moved to the new route."