2009/06/26 - Intermittent Internet Access
The problem that has affected Rhodes' access to the Internet yesterday and the day before continues today.

The problem has been caused by a faulty microwave link. The latest reports that we've received are that "Our technician ahs found that the stabilising arm is not secure that is why on windy conditions the microwave moves. The arm needs to be secured but this will only be done when the weather clearers up."

Further, "We had feedback that the weather in the area is still bad however the technicians will attempt to do the repair at the top of the mast. They should be on site by 09h30am if all goes well."
Since 9:30 has come and gone with no substantial improvement in connectivity, we've requested feedback from the service providers again.
We're informed that a technician is working at the tower at the moment.
We've heard that Neotel have repaired the faulty microwave link, and we've noticed that the link has been far more stable in the past few hours.

We (and our service providers) will continue to monitor the link.