The University's electrical manager has announced the following scheduled electrical work:
Please note that the supply of electricity to the following areas will be interrupted on Sunday 21 June 2009 between O7h30 to 10h00 :- Great Hall, Sol Plaatje,Sociology and Anthropology Departments, Barratt lecture complex,Estates Division headquaters,and Steve Biko building.This outage is necessary to allow supplies for festival to be connected to the network.
Whilst it is obvious that network and Internet access in the buildings mentioned will be affected, it is possible that this electrical outage will affect network and Internet access in other buildings that still have electrical power. This is because the area covered by the above electrical work includes two regional aggregation switches, one in Barratt and the other in Estates Division HQ.

The core switch in Barratt is backed by a UPS that usually lasts in excess of twelve hours, and so this is unlikely to be affected by the outage. Nevertheless, in the unlikely event that it is, the following areas will be affected: Barratt lecture complex, 5 Prince Alfred St, Selwyn Castle, DIFS, ILAM, ISER, Great Hall, Politics, Allan Gray house, and Prince Alfred house.

The aggregation switch in Estates HQ is backed by a UPS that lasts approximately three hours. If the scheduled work overruns, it is likely that this'll cause an localised outage. It affects the following areas: Estates HQ, Grounds & Gardens, Sports Admin, Building Maintenance, PSAM, HKE, Health Suite, the transit houses in African & South streets (including those used as residences), and Adamson Annexe.

Once power is restored, networking in the affected areas should automatically recover. Users should wait about ten minutes after power returns before turning on (or rebooting) their computers in order to allow the network to stabilise.