For a number of years the University has used an unsecured wireless network called "Rhodes" on campus. Due to increasing concerns about wireless security, this network has gradually become more restrictive. It does not have direct access to the Internet, and cannot access a number of internal administrative systems.

We're pleased to announce that there's now a more secure alternative available for staff. The "" wireless network is a WPA2-Enterprise enabled network that's available to staff. It mirrors the secure student wireless network that was announced previously. This network enforces wireless security and, as a result, is a lot less restrictive than its older "Rhodes" counterpart. It does, for instance, have access to the University's administrative systems; its configuration is pretty much equivalent to the wired computers in staff offices.

Staff are encouraged to start using the new, secure wireless network in preference to the older, unsecured one. To this end, use of the "Rhodes" SSID should now be considered deprecated and new installations should use the "" network exclusively. Later in the year (probably towards the end of May) we'll decommission the old "Rhodes" wireless network entirely. At this stage, staff will be required to make use of the new, secured network in order to connect to the University's network wirelessly.

Connecting to the secure wireless network requires devices that are capable of supporting WiFi Protected Access (WPA), preferably at version 2 (WPA2). Older devices that do not support WPA will not be able to connect, and will not be supported.

You can find instructions on connecting Windows XP/Vista to the new "" wireless network on These instructions are identical to those for the student network bar the name of the network you connect to.