2009/01/13 - Problems (re)registering On The Student Network
There appears to be a problem that occurs when some returning students (particularly postgraduates) try to re-register their computer for use on the Student Network. In general the problem occurs when people have had a computer registered in an academic department in the past and are now trying to register the same computer on the Student Network for the first time. People experiencing this problem will see the error message "Couldn't record PC identification information" and will be unable to complete the registration process.

The cause of this problem is known and you do not need to contact us about it.

Given that the Student Network is only supported during term times, resolving this problem is currently a low priority for us. Whilst we hope to have it fixed shortly, we cannot commit to resolving it any time before the start of the first term.
This problem should be fixed now. If you were affected by this problem, please try to register your PC again. If you still experience the same problem, please contact, including the exact wording of the error message that you receive.