2008/11/03 - Mail* Accounts Disabled
A number of generic e-mail addresses at Rhodes make use of separate mail accounts to allow a number of different people access to the same e-mail address. These accounts are generally, but not always, prefixed with the word "mail" (for example "mailhelpdesk").

The preferred method for accessing the e-mail associated with such addresses is via shared mail folders. However, several of the accounts still exist in their own right and people occasionally log into them. We've been in contact with the owners of as many of these accounts as possible, but we haven't always been successful at soliciting a response.

From Monday 3 November 2008, direct access to all mail* prefixed accounts will be disabled. Those accounts that have not been converted to shared folders by this date will cease to work. Users of such accounts who're still logging in with a mail* username are therefore encouraged to contact our Help Desk as soon as possible to arrange the transition.

As announced previously, access to all mail* accounts has now been disabled.