Over the course of the next few days, we'll be performing a number of software updates to one of our servers, camel.ru.ac.za. The exact timing and duration of outages is uncertain, so you should expect that this server, and the services it provides, will be unavailable between Wednesday 24 September and Friday 26 September.

camel hosts, amongst other things, the software repository commonly referred to as "rhino" (the name difference is historical). This repository is the back-end of most of the resources listed on http://software.ru.ac.za/ and http://studsoft.ru.ac.za/. As a result, most of the resources listed on these two sites will intermittently be unavailable over the next few days.

Those people who still make use of iFolder will also notice that the iFolder service is intermittently unavailable, and that their iFolder client complains of this.

These upgrades aim to reduce some of the instabilities noted earlier in the year. In particular, we're hoping to improve our ability to image public lab computers.