For many years users have been encouraged to configure their web browsers automatically using the auto-configuration file at (or for web access without advert blocking). These URLs are now deprecated in favour of the standard web proxy autodiscovery host. The correct proxy auto-configuration URLs are now:
  • -- the "normal" auto-configuration file that should be used by most users

  • -- those people who require web access without advert blocking for some reason. As adverts count to Internet quotas, this option is seldom used. It exists primarily to allow those people studying the web as a media to see commercial web pages as-is, complete with all their advertising.
This change will allow us to improve the availability of the proxy auto-configuration files, and make proxy configurations immune from changes on the University's main web page.

The old URLs will continue to be supported until at least mid-way through 2009. Users are, however, encouraged to start making use of the correct new URLs whenever they next replace their computers and/or update their proxy settings.