Neotel need to carry out some maintenance on routers in their Bellville node during the standard maintenance window this coming Sunday, between 00h00 and 03h00. This will interrupt GEN3 services to the following sites:

TSN 3 (Calico Systems)
TSN 4 (CPUT District Six)
TSN 21 and 22 (Medical Research Council)
TSN 34 (CPUT Bellville)
TSN 37 (Rhodes University)
TSN 63 (University of Cape Town)
TSN 84 (University of the Western Cape)

Neotel will be making frequent use of the Sunday morning maintenance window during the coming six weeks. The intention is to complete a program of maintenance before November, which will be treated as a change freeze month to avoid impact on the examinations period.

This maintenance work will result in Rhodes being without Internet access in the early hours of Sunday Morning.

There is a regular scheduled maintenance window extending from 00:00 to 06:00 on a Sunday morning.