2008/09/07 - Scheduled Internet Outage
TENET will be conducting maintenance this forthcoming Sunday (7 September) between 00h00 and 06h00 at the Reefhead facility in Johannesburg and on SANReN connected sites. The work is preparatory to the commissioning of the Johannesburg "grey ring" and revolves around the implementation of multiple spanning tree and QinQ.

SANReN connected sites (TSNs 15, 30, 36, 42, 44, 85) will experience intermittent service breaks during the maintenance window.

Sites connected to the GEN3 network at the Reefhead face a small possibility of service disruption during the maintenance window (because of associated work on the GEN3 core router).

Rhodes is one of the sites connected to the GEN3 network at the Reefhead.
In light of today's outage, it appears Rhodes no longer connects via the Reefhead.