2008/08/19 - Webmail Access Slow
Over the last couple of weeks, the University's web-based email client ( has intermittently been very slow to respond. At times it takes longer-than-usual to log in and access email. The problem affects both internal and external users, but is more apparent to those who're accessing the client from off campus.

We've been investigating the problem for some time, and have enough understanding of it to be able to fix it when it occurs. Unfortunately we don't yet know how to stop it happening in the first place. Whilst we'll continue our investigations until we can resolve this properly, in the short term it is likely that the webmail client will continue to periodically be slow to respond.

In most instances we know when this is happening, and you don't need to report the problem to our help desk -- we'll fix the problem as soon as we can. If, however, the problem persists for more than a couple of hours during University working hours, please let us know.
We've now discovered what we believe to be the root cause of this, and have made some changes that we think will resolve the problem.