2008/06/21 - Quota System Adjustments (june Vac)
As we've done in previous years, we'll be making adjustments to the Internet quota system during the June vac to take into consideration the reduced demand whilst students are away.

From 5PM on Friday June 20 until 5AM on Monday July 21, the following scaling factors will apply:
  • Between 00:00 and 02:59, a scale factor of 0.1 (same as term times)
  • Between 03:00 and 05:59, a scale factor of 0.05 (same as term times)
  • Between 06:00 and 07:59, a scale factor of 0.1 (same as term times)
  • Between 08:00 and 23:59, a scale factor of 0.4 (rather than the term time value of 1.0)
These adjustments effectively increase the per-user Internet quota available to those staff and post-graduate students who're still in town over the vac from 20MiB/day to 50MiB/day (280MiB/fortnight to 700MiB/fortnight).

More information on how these scaling factors, and the Internet demand-side management system, work can be found at
This is just a reminder that the quota system reverted to its normal term-time settings (i.e. a scale factor of 1.0 during peak hours) on Monday 21st June, as previously advertised.