2008/04/10 - Student Pc Deregistrations
This notice primarily affects postgraduate students who're using computers in academic departments. Any student who has already (re-)registered their computer in 2008 can safely ignore this message.

Every year at around this time, we clean out old student registrations from many of our systems. This includes computers that are registered by students for use on our network. During the course of the next week, we will be de-registering student computers that have not been re-registered for use on our network this year. The details of this follow:

Private computers registered to previous students who have not completed administrative registration in 2008 will be de-registered during the course of this afternoon. A full list of these will be posted here shortly after this happens.

Computers belonging to students who have administratively registered for 2008, but that have not be re-registered for use on our network this year, will be de-registered during the course of Thursday 10 April. Any student who is still making use of a computer on our network, but who has not re-registered it for 2008, should ensure they do so before the cutoff date. This primarily affects postgraduate students.

Postgraduate students who're using machines in academic departments should complete an application form and get their head of department or chief technical officer to countersign it. The completed form should be taken to the IT Division Helpdesk on the middle floor of Struben building. You should should be aware that some departments (for instance Physics, Computer Science and Information Systems) forward us postgraduate registrations in bulk, obviating the need for you to complete an individual form. Please check with your department's chief technical officer to find out if this is the case.

A complete list of student PCs that we intend to de-register next week will be posted here shortly.
The following 84 private computers belong to students who've not administratively registered in 2008, and have just been de-registered from our network:

# IP ADDRESS     MACHINE             MAC ADDRESS        USER      DESCRIPTION   g05m2582.entrop     00-40-D0-8A-ED-F2  g05m2582  Bonginkosi Mamba        00-15-60-C0-55-65  g02s0922  Naledi Stella Sebonego        00-01-4A-08-29-5E  g06j6211  GD Johnson   g07m2179.econ       00-16-D4-33-0E-1D  g07m2179  Innocent Ngqabutho Moyo   g05m1396.econ       00-0B-DB-A4-1C-DE  g05m1396  Spy Munthali   hex.wlan            00-19-D2-4D-A4-4F  g94p5269  Austin Poulton    g07m0006.retreat    00-16-D3-62-87-F7  g07m0006  Tendai Murisa   g03s0379.psycho     00-13-F7-54-C8-6A  g03s0379  Orrin Snelgar    g02t5051.sculpture  00-13-8F-18-DD-FC  g02t5051  Johannes Taljaard    g05n6601-2.bangor   00-A0-D1-39-97-3A  g05n6601  Collins Ayine Nsor    g01m0332.bangor     00-C0-9F-B3-84-8F  g01m0332  Dylan Kenneth Mcgarry     g00k1936.amm        00-50-04-5E-24-9B  g00k1936  Andrew Kanyegirire    g04n0337.amm        00-16-CB-9C-9D-A5  g04n0337  Peter Nielsen   g03v0001.amm        00-00-E2-8F-BA-A0  g03v0001  Elvira Esmeralda van Noort   iwr908.iwr          00-0F-1F-A7-21-8C  606z3114  IWR908 Bonga Zuma laptop    g02r0254.union      00-C0-9F-6D-FF-F8  g02r0254  Samantha Rump    rhodetrip           00-0D-61-53-5E-8E  g01g1547  Alastair Glover        00-30-4F-3F-18-1F  g67a0911  Trevor Abraham    g07s5706.educ       00-19-7D-74-63-53  g07s5706  Thabang Setenane   g02s3443.pharm      00-03-0D-0B-24-14  g02s3443  Mark Wesley Scheepers   g98d1672.pharm      00-03-0D-3E-B6-0F  g98d1672  Dairam Amichand   g02m1465.pharm      00-16-D3-1E-84-D6  g02m1465  Nyaradzo Mandimika   g02m0297.cpms       00-1B-24-1F-51-F0  g02m0297  Tanya Millward    g04p3432-1.anthro   00-0A-95-F2-5B-BA  g04p3432  Alexa Pienaar    g03m3717.anthro     08-00-1F-B1-56-29  g03m3717  Yohei Miyauchi    g04f1712.difs       00-16-D4-9D-24-33  g04f1712  John Filmalter    g03j0642.difs       00-03-0D-48-8D-4D  g03j0642  Alice Elizabeth Johnson    g04r3449.difs       00-02-3F-D0-2D-A2  g04r3449  Naomi Richardson    g04f2509.difs       00-06-1B-D5-A7-92  g04f2509  Fabien Forget    g02n0454.difs       00-0A-E4-AA-B0-B3  g02n0454  Amanda Rosalind Northrop    g02c1049.difs       00-0A-E4-E3-CF-D3  g02c1049  Paul Collett    g03n1451.difs       00-E0-29-3E-8A-15  g03n1451  Nicholas Nicolle    g00m0964.difs       00-15-60-B2-41-EA  g00m0964  Caryn McNamara    g04h3415.difs       00-40-CA-D0-77-0F  g04h3415  Keagan Halley    g02p0507-2.difs     00-16-D4-2F-F8-95  g02p0507  Paula Pattrick    g02y1654.difs       00-40-CA-D3-94-09  g02y1654  Rowan Yearsley    g04t1788.difs       00-40-D0-71-01-14  g04t1788  Rosanne Thornycroft    g07m2253.difs       00-00-E2-9D-86-FA  g07m2253  Michelle Mollatt    g04r3612.difs       00-50-BA-7B-28-57  g04r3612  Matthew Richardson   g05o3696.difs       00-0A-E4-F4-A1-D8  g05o3696  Bronwyn O'Connell   g00d0319.difs       00-C0-9F-F3-CC-BC  g00d0319  Charlene da Silva   g01p0409.difs       00-0A-E4-4D-CE-20  g01p0409  ryan michael palmer   g02s1477.difs       00-0D-61-26-AC-21  g02s1477  Terence Anthony Stonier    g04s1936.geog       00-16-17-51-02-7C  g04s1936  Jonathan Simpson    g04j1406.geog       00-08-A1-6A-A3-DD  g04j1406  Linda Johnson    g04n4693.geog       00-40-D0-62-0B-E5  g04n4693  Merle Naidoo    g05m6421.phys       00-17-A4-DB-1F-D1  g05m6421  DM Moeketsi    g06k0002.phys       00-16-36-26-EC-BE  g06k0002  Zama Katamzi   g01b1802.biosci     00-40-CA-D1-65-50  g01b1802  Justin David Blake   g04o0233.biosci     00-13-D3-F0-6C-B5  g04o0233  Bianca Olver   g03m2965.biosci     00-16-D4-B0-73-33  g03m2965  Sinazo Manentsa   g02o0533.biosci     00-15-C5-1C-AF-AF  g02o0533  Kyla Kathleen Orr   g07m5456.biosci     00-16-36-2E-26-06  g07m5456  Daniel Mazungula   g02b1470.biosci     00-10-DC-74-6B-AA  g02b1470  Tara Booth   g99r1551.biosci     00-03-0D-3C-ED-B4  g99r1551  Nasheen Ragubeer   g02m1032.biosci     00-03-0D-3C-E4-6B  g02m1032  Thomas Tendo Mukasa-Mugerwa   g99m1854-2.biosci   00-03-0D-3E-AF-A3  g99m1854  Cherie-Lynn Mack   g04s0018.biosci     00-03-0D-26-1F-F6  g04s0018  Peter Strong   g05i1610.biosci     00-06-4F-13-A8-C6  g05i1610  Esther Ike-Zundu   g04w3859.biosci     00-11-95-23-FA-B9  g04w3859  John Guy Williams   g07p4781.biosci     00-0A-E4-04-70-EB  g07p4781  Gay-Anne Papenhuijzen   g04p1546.biosci     00-16-36-78-CB-EB  g04p1546  Briony Peel   g04c3608.biosci     00-16-D4-9D-28-5D  g04c3608  Jessica Cockburn   g04f2857.biosci     00-17-F2-F2-2F-61  g04f2857  Rowan Fenn   g07c2346.biosci     00-40-CA-B7-2C-70  g07c2346  Dean Coetzer   g01d1772.biosci     00-0F-B0-7B-5E-CC  g01d1772  Daniel Sheril   g04h1037.biosci     00-16-6F-C8-17-BC  g04h1037  Michael John Haig   g04d4023.biosci     00-E0-91-03-3A-B0  g04d4023  stephnie de villiers   g04l1289.biosci     00-16-36-D7-2F-7C  g04l1289  Lara Michelle Lavan  thamm-gw.scw        [NONE]             g02m1612  Tham Moyo  nyashac.scw         [NONE]             g02c1178  Nyasha Chigwamba  jp.scw              [NONE]             g02v2468  Jean-Pierre van Riel   g02c1178.scw        [NONE]             g02c1178  Nyasha Chigwamba   scw35.voip          [NONE]             g02c1178  Nyasha Chigwamba   fairy.scw           [NONE]             g04s0730  Dylan Reace Shimmon   thamm.scw.rhodent   [NONE]             g02m1612  Tham Moyo            [NONE]             g02m1612  Tham Moyo   g02m1612.scw        [NONE]             g02m1612  Tham Moyo   g04k1735.scw        [NONE]             g04k1735  Carolyn Krull   hex.ict             00-19-B9-58-4C-23  g94p5269  Austin Poulton   g03p0081.ict        00-0A-E4-4D-CE-20  g03p0081  Jo Palmer   g02v2468-1.ict      00-05-5D-D3-FF-D4  g02v2468  Jean-pierre van Riel   g02c1178.ict        00-11-09-24-98-60  g02c1178  Nyasha Chigwamba   ibmx31.ict          00-0D-60-B0-8E-E5  g00z1423  Danny Zhao
The following is a list of student computers that belong to current students, but that have not yet been re-registered for use on our network in 2008. Unless they're updated before 11 April, these registrations will be deleted.

Please note that the list below is not exhaustive. In particular, it does not include registrations for departments where we've contacted the technical officer directly (Physics, Psychology, Computer Science, Information Systems, IWR, Geography, DIFS, etc).

Ideally we'd prefer all updates for a single department to come in a single batch. Please confer with your colleagues in this regard.

# IP ADDRESS     MACHINE             MAC ADDRESS        USER      DESCRIPTION     g04c1576.dsl        00-E0-29-08-F1-00  g04c1576  Alice Chisamba    g02m1032.ebru       00-03-0D-3C-E4-6B  g02m1032  Thomas Tendo Mukasa-Mugerwa    tocmachine.ebru     00-11-09-CC-0B-9C  g04m4685  TOC machine   g04m4685.ebru       00-16-17-DB-9E-56  g04m4685  Cecil Mutambanengwe   g05g2703.dor        00-02-B3-8F-D6-BC  g05g2703  Estelle Goosen        00-16-36-DD-A8-4A  g03m1225  Zandile Makina     g05d2182.econ       00-C0-9F-FF-B1-F2  g05d2182  Durodola Oludamola   coeph05.wlan        00-16-BC-7F-95-52  g02m1612  COE Nokia N80   coeph006.wlan       00-09-2D-8B-83-13  g02m1612  COE Imate Jamin    g03b0799.esu        00-02-B3-46-F9-A4  g03b0799  Ingrid Bockle    g03h0127.english    00-10-DC-C3-D8-F5  g03h0127  Timothy Hacksley   g02e0290.hke        00-17-31-EC-86-7C  g02e0290  Andrew Elliot   g03d1454.hke        00-02-3F-7D-14-A8  g03d1454  Sheena Desai   g00o3774.philosophy 00-0A-E4-FC-63-B7  g00o3774  Marianna Oelofsen    g03m0166.bangor     00-03-0D-58-57-26  g03m0166  Claire Martens    g07b5901.bangor     00-A0-D1-61-85-E7  g07b5901  Cosman Andrew Bolus    g03d0005.bangor     00-E0-29-35-D8-27  g03d0005  Henning de Klerk    g02m1863.bangor     00-16-36-B7-7B-C3  g02m1863  Matthew McConnachie    g04k0008.bangor     00-17-08-3F-33-07  g04k0008  Sarah Kaschula    g06c0001-2.bangor   00-0A-95-A9-9B-8C  g06c0001  Julia Cloete    g03s0010-3.bangor   00-17-08-4A-83-01  g03s0010  Jim Saunders    g03d1759.bangor     00-03-0D-58-5B-F0  g03d1759  Nicholas Davenport    g90p4466.bangor     00-16-EC-4F-13-51  g90p4466  Michael Powell    g04f5927.bangor     00-16-36-B7-1E-7E  g04f5927  Saskia Fourie    g90p4466-2.bangor   00-17-A4-E9-E2-08  g90p4466  Mike Powell   g05b6116-1.isea     00-E0-29-48-73-E0  g05b6116  Nigel Bell    g06s6658-1.iser     00-E0-29-3D-F0-48  g06s6658  Julie Smith    g07s5213.iser       00-50-22-8D-F4-3B  g07s5213  Hermine Stelzhammer    g06s6658.iser       00-02-3F-0E-ED-8B  g06s6658  Julie Anne Smith    g02b1363.iser       00-0B-CD-A6-2B-F3  g02b1363  Casey Lee Bradford    g00k1936-1.amm      00-E0-29-48-73-CB  g00k1936  Andrew Kanyegirire   g04d1547.amm        00-00-E2-7E-3D-D8  g04d1547  Cornelis Janse de Jager    sharc.union         00-16-76-D0-B0-C3  g04c5460  SHARC president    g06n6089.union      00-40-F4-18-B6-D9  g06n6089  Xolani Nyali    activate-1.union    00-C0-DF-E8-3A-71  g05n1297  Activate    activate-2.union    00-E0-29-34-57-C7  g05n1297  Activate    activate-3.union    00-0C-6E-83-B9-40  g05n1297  Activate    g02w1180.union      00-E0-18-44-1C-77  g02w1180  Gregory Wilmot    g07s4475-1.union    00-E0-18-43-6F-70  g07s4475  Tumi Seane   g06n6089-1.union    00-E0-29-62-CC-62  g06n6089  Xolani Nyali   g07s4475.union      00-01-03-9B-37-96  g07s4475  Tumi Seane        00-03-0D-58-61-4E  g06k0946  Martha Muthoni        00-16-36-DB-D7-AA  g01m0299  Tarryn Martin        00-11-2F-A4-FE-76  g05d5614  Imogen Duncan        00-16-36-89-BC-D5  g07b6083  Andrew Booth    g07s5675.geol       00-17-A4-D3-8B-74  g07s5675  Tebogo Segwabe    g99s2017.educ       00-11-09-E9-2F-B6  g99s2017  EnvEd PhD PC Soul Shava    g04t1318.stats      00-0F-B0-5F-69-0B  g04t1318  Lipontseng Tsilo    g01d0010-2.afr-lang 00-E0-98-A1-86-1B  g01d0010  Lorenzo Dalvit    afr-lang01.voip     00-09-45-63-83-BA  g06t6632  COE toy phone    afr-lang02.voip     00-09-45-63-83-BB  g06t6632  COE toy phone    gewk.german         00-02-B3-8F-CF-57  g07s6213  Sabrina Zymkowiak    g01c2007-1.chem     00-16-36-A0-A1-EB  g01c2007  Vongani Portia Chauke    g01k0522.chem       00-0A-E4-A8-BB-C6  g01k0522  Mielie Samson Khene    g00s1090.chem       00-12-3F-E6-8C-2B  g00s1090  Suthanda Naidu    g03n3226.chem       00-16-36-7A-97-D2  g03n3226  Nolwazi Nombona    g07o5051.chem       00-14-22-AA-CE-88  g07o5051  Babatunde Ogunbayo   pharm03.pharm       00-16-36-E3-71-01  g01w1741  Kasongo Wa Kasongo   g02z2181.pharm      00-A0-D1-C5-09-47  g02z2181  Georgina Zheve   g02m0513.pharm      00-11-09-06-E0-56  g02m0513  Hazel Mungwiro   g02a1351.pharm      00-0B-5D-C5-9D-24  g02a1351  Wai Ling Au   g01c1090.pharm      00-40-D0-90-A8-31  g01c1090  Faith Chaibva   g92m3248.cps        00-16-D4-1E-A1-FD  g92m3248  Phehello Mahasele   g03m3572.cps        00-16-36-FB-C1-25  g03m3572  Gcineka Mbambisa   g06r6606.cps        00-13-CE-93-66-91  g06r6606  Karine Ruud    phd.socio           00-10-DC-D7-16-BE  g07o6367  PhD student    g07o6367.socio      00-0F-B0-84-69-BC  g07o6367  Olusegun Olurotimi Oladeinde    g07g3882.socio      00-0F-20-CA-35-4C  g07g3882  Yohanna Gandu    g03b3464.anthro     00-E0-29-42-0B-EA  g03b3464  Silvana Claudia Barbali    g04e2023.anthro     00-C0-9F-25-58-74  g04e2023  Daygan Eagar   g04s2451.biosci     00-16-D4-C0-B7-3E  g04s2451  Jill Sheppard   g05t1765.biosci     00-08-0D-95-90-FB  g05t1765  Robin Tourle   g98p6036.biosci     00-17-08-45-3B-B4  g98p6036  Daniel Parker   g04v5287.biosci     00-0A-E6-FA-4F-1D  g04v5287  Charles von der Meden   g07a2911.biosci     00-08-0D-19-D7-63  g07a2911  Felix Jerry Kpabey   g01s0422.biosci     00-16-D4-D8-55-A6  g01s0422  Jo-Anne de la Mare   g02p2916-1.biosci   00-19-D1-A0-72-1E  g02p2916  Ben Price   g01r2378.biosci     00-12-3F-D9-F0-B2  g01r2378  Cameron Richards   g02m2567.biosci     00-12-79-C2-35-AB  g02m2567  Bronwyn Moore   g98b4284.biosci     00-0A-E4-5B-34-CD  g98b4284  Rory Brimecombe   g03d4394.biosci     00-A0-D1-33-3A-3F  g03d4394  Eliecer Diaz   g02p0306.biosci     00-16-D4-20-3A-10  g02p0306  Iain Paterson   g07n5820.biosci     00-40-D0-77-66-E9  g07n5820  Ritah Nakayinga   g02h5143.biosci     00-03-0D-48-45-0C  g02h5143  Unathi-nkosi Heshula   g07d6341.biosci     00-40-CA-D3-5C-49  g07d6341  Ryan Daly   g03w2303.biosci     00-16-36-76-B9-7A  g04g4916  Chana-lee White    ict015-struben.voip 00-09-45-63-2B-18  g01d0010  Voice over IP Phone    g01d0010.struben    00-11-09-9D-28-30  g01d0010  Lorenzo Dalvit   afr-lang03.voip     00-09-45-63-83-BC  g06t6632  COE toy phone   afr-lang04.voip     00-09-45-63-83-BD  g06t6632  COE toy phone   afr-lang05.voip     00-09-45-63-83-BE  g06t6632  COE toy phone   afr-lang06.voip     00-09-45-63-83-BF  g06t6632  COE toy phone   afr-lang07.voip     00-09-45-63-83-C0  g06t6632  COE toy phone   afr-lang08.voip     00-09-45-63-83-C1  g06t6632  COE toy phone  jessica.botha       00-14-22-8A-62-86  g06e6254  Jessica Escobar-Porras Botha   g00p1059.saiab      00-A0-D1-3E-10-17  g00p1059  Bronwyn Palmer
The following registrations were not in the previous list because we contact the Psychology department's technical office directly. As we haven't had a reply, we'll now consider these registrations in the same category as the previous list of PCs to be de-registered on Thursday.

CODE   g86g4086.psycho     00-0E-7B-AB-F9-A1  g86g4086  Donnae Maree   psy20.psycho        00-E0-29-1D-A7-AF  g07n4900  Phanwell Namangala   g04d3476.psycho     00-13-02-28-51-EC  g04d3476  Michael John Deall   g00g1325.psycho     00-C0-9F-6B-58-0F  g00g1325  Karen Anne Hope Andrews   g02b2183.psycho     00-08-02-9E-9F-7E  g02b2183  Bridget Joan Berlyn   g07c4455.psycho     00-03-0D-0C-D3-03  g07c4455  Bonginkosi Reginald Chemane   g93v3701.psycho     00-50-04-B4-17-B2  g93v3701  Adele Shanette van der Merwe   g01m0751.psycho     00-12-0E-0C-01-62  g01m0751  Tracy Morison   g05p5418.psycho     00-13-D4-FB-B9-0F  g05p5418  anita padmanabhanunni   g85b7451.psycho     00-03-25-18-DA-5F  g85b7451  Neal Barratt    g07d3942.psychclinic00-16-36-7A-89-3D  g07d3942  Melissa De Jager    g03e0357.psychclinic00-16-36-BF-4C-E4  g03e0357  Marianna Espinosa
The remaining student PCs that have not been re-registered in 2008 have now been de-registered.