There are currently problems searching EBSCO online databases -- access to is intermittent, and sometimes fails with an ERR_READ_TIMEOUT or ERR_READ_ERROR error message from our proxy servers.

The reason for this is that one of EBSCO's web servers does not appear to be working reliably. is currently served by two different computers on EBSCO's network. It appears that one of the two is working, and one works intermittently. Whether or not your search completes successfully depends on which of the two computers answers your request, and whether it is working at the time. If the connection fails, you'll get an error from our proxy servers.

Some people have found that forcing the page to reload (Shift + Reload) causes their search to work. Whether or not this is successful will again depend on which of EBSCO's web servers answers the new request. It is, however, worth trying.

This is a fault on EBSCO's network, and is not something Rhodes is in a position to fix. We will, however, bring it to their attention.