2007/11/04 - Scheduled Mail Server Outage
The mail server is currently offline and all users will be unable to read their mail. Outgoing mail is unaffected by this outage, and incoming mail will be queued on the University's secondary mail exchanger for later delivery.

As suggested in an earlier post, we've taken advantage of a scheduled maintenance window to try and fix the mail server. The server is currently unavailable to users as we attempt to fix its RAID configuration. It is uncertain how long this work will take.

Once the mail server comes online again, it'll need to finish rebuilding its disk array. This will mean that IMAP services will be available, but will perform slower than usual.

It is likely that there'll be one more scheduled outage before the maintenance work is completed.
QUOTE(guy @ Nov 4 2007, 04:49 PM)
It is uncertain how long this work will take.

It's likely to be down for at least the next two hours. We're going to let the RAID array complete its rebuild before bringing the machine back online. The hope is that this'll reduce the likelihood of a further failure as we see increased load from all the queued mail being delivered.