2007/10/25 - Slow Responses From International Sites
All users at Rhodes will currently be experiencing unusually slow responses from some web sites, particularly international sites.

The reason for this is identical to that of earlier this week -- Akamai are undertaking maintenance of their Cape Town node.
Apparently this is caused by a power spike in the Western Cape. We're told that Akamai's UPSes were affected, and the power supplies in four of their five machines in the Cape Town cluster were destroyed.
Currently the Cape Town Akamai cluster is still down, and Akamai has flagged this as a high priority problem, but this could take some time to fix. In the mean time our traffic is flowing internationally.

At the same time we have put in a request to Internet Solutions with regards to their Johannesburg cluster, which Akamai has said we can use if I.S is willing. Internet Solutions is busy checking to see if they have enough peering capacity with SAIX out of Rosebank to accommodate this.

If such capacity does exist, Internet Solutions will feed our routes to their Rosebank cluster and from there Akamai will then set that cluster as the fixed backup system to use in the case of Cape Town cluster failure.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow traffic should be flowing back to us from one of the South African based clusters, dependant on SAIX peering capacity and dependant on the fixes required to bring the Cape Town cluster back online.