2007/10/12 - Mailman Mailing List Problem
All mailing lists running on stopped functioning correctly at 10:53 yesterday morning (Thur Oct 11). In particular, it seems that moderated lists are affected. The problem appears to be an incompatibility between the mailing list software and one of its dependencies. We're currently working on the problem.

It is possible that mail send to addresses between 10:53 yesterday and 09:35 this morning has been lost and will need to be re-sent. More information on this will follow.
The problem was caused by an upgrade that happened yesterday. Mailman is written in the Python language, and depends on python2.4. The packagers of the Mailman software incorrectly specified their dependencies and so a routine upgrade caused an incompatible version of Python (python2.5) to be installed. We've reverted the upgrade, and taken steps to ensure that the dependencies are now correctly specified.