QUOTE(Natalie Ripley @ Aug 6 2007, 12:39 PM)
Provided we receive one final software licence in time, the University Administrative Server (Protea) will be upgraded this weekend and will be off-line from Friday afternoon at 4.30pm. It will remain off-line until the conversion has been completed. By Monday 8am it will be back but there will be changes in the way that users connect to it. A detailed document will be available by Thursday and users will be notified via Toplist of how to access the document. The document will contain information on all the changes that affect users and how to install a different connection program to replace Netterm.

On Monday morning, once a user has connected to Protea there will appear to be no apparent visual difference between the "old" Protea and the "new" Protea but there will be significant speed improvements. We will then be in a position to start rolling out the long awaited GUI front-end interfaces.

Please do not start phoning us now with queries on how to connect. Wait until the detailed document is released and then phone us if you are having difficulty installing the new connection program. We are aiming for as little difficulty as possible but with any conversion of this nature we do expect a few teething problems.

Natalie Ripley
Data Manager : Data Management Unit
Rhodes University