2007/08/03 - Unscheduled Internet Outage
Rhodes' Internet connection has recently gone down. The problem appears to be affecting all South African universities, and has been reported to Telkom.

More information will be posted here in the event that we receive any feedback from Telkom.
The Internet connection has started working again. Due to the nature of this outage, there may still be some Internet sites which we aren't able to access, but they should become accessible during the next hour or so.
QUOTE(TENET @ Aug 3 2007, 10:51 AM)
As I'm sure many (if not all) have you have noticed, there was a MAJOR failure on the TENET network for approximately the last hour.

TENET has spoken to Telkom and is awaiting an official detailed response, but from what we have been able to ascertain, an inverter failed in Telkom's Belville hosting facility causing a major power outage. This resulted in a complete loss of power to the TENET core international/national/stacker routers.

TENET will be seeking urgent answers from Telkom as to why this occurred, as well as answers from Telkom as to how they plan to avoid such a thing reoccurring.