2007/07/26 - Unscheduled Internet Outage
Shortly before lunch today, our Internet connection started behaving erratically. At the moment it seems as if we have no access to international sites. It looks as if all universities in the country are affected, pointing at a fault at the core of our upstream provider's network.
As was probably noticed by many sites across the board, TENET experienced instability on its network earlier today. We are still attempting to ascertain exactly what went wrong and are discussing this with Telkom. What we do know is that from an International perspective, there was a major failure in the London Internet Exchange with an exchange switch falling over.

The result of such a switch failure would mean that Telkom would effectively lose any peering through this fabric, and if they aren't peering through this fabric anyone who WAS peering with their transits through the fabric would have lost connectivity. The net result of this, due to the size of the exchange would was pretty chaotic. We saw large mention of this in the international circles as it happened. It is TENET's opinion at the moment that the BGP flapping that resulted from this could potentially have negatively impacted Telkom and TENET routers.

This seems to have stabilized and we have managed to confirm that that switch at LINX (London Internet Exchange) is back online and running as per normal.

Hopefully all problems caused by this series of events have now been resolved.