2007/05/15 - Web Server Outages
One of the University's two web servers,, will be intermittently unavailable during the course of today. This web server serves, amongst other things, the following virtual hosts:

It also serves

This outage is to allow us to migrate the web server software from Apache 1.3/PHP 4.2 to Apache 2.0/PHP 5.1 to address some serious security concerns.
Things that are still known to be broken are,, and any web site that depends on mod_layout. These will be fixed as and when we get an opportunity.

In general, a 403/Forbidden error on pages that worked prior to yesterday indicates that the page/site in question still needs to be worked on. We deliberately stop people accessing these sites so that the log files contain only accesses in known conditions as this makes debugging problems a lot easier.

500/Server Misconfiguration errors may appear on pages we still haven't got to.

Please do not inundate the Web Unit with e-mails/phone calls asking when things will be fixed. Rather periodically re-try the page in question. Please only contact us if things are still broken next week.