2007/03/19 - Slow Internet Access
The Telkom router that provides us with Internet access is currently dropping between 4% and 10% of packets passing through it. This will be perceived by most users as Internet access being unusually slow, with connections occasionally timing out.

Just after 5PM this evening we'll reboot the router in an attempt to resolve the problem. If this fails we'll contact Telkom and ask them to look into the matter.
Rebooting the router didn't help. I've just reported the fault to Telkom and, for the first time ever, spoke to someone who actually seemed to understand what we were talking about. This bodes well for a speedy resolution. I hope.
It appears my hope was premature. I phoned Telkom this morning to find out the status of my ticket. They told me they'd resolved my ticket "because the line was up". I explained that the line had never been down, and that the fault that I'd reported was that the line was generating errors. "Oh. I'll need to open a ticket for that" ...
Telkom made changes to the router around noon today that appear to have fixed the problem. We'll continue to monitor the situation for further problems.