2007/03/12 - Staff PC Deregistrations
Every year at about this time we de-register computers on our network that are registered to staff members who are no longer at the University. This year that de-registration process will happen during the course of Monday 12 March 2007.

In theory this de-registration process should not affect anyone. The staff member concerned has left, and PCs that make their way back to our Helpdesk before being re-allocated to new staff members are usually correctly re-registered.

In practice, however, a lot of computers are not correctly re-registered when staff members leave. The new incumbent in a position simply takes over the old PC and the IT Division is not informed of the change. The result is that our registration data is stale and we will de-register some machines that are still actively being used.

A list of PCs we intend to de-register will be appended to this notice shortly. If you've taken over a PC from someone else in the last year, you're strongly encouraged to check that the previous owner does not appear in this list. If the computer you're using is not in the list, you can safely ignore this message. If, however, the computer is in this list, please contact our Helpdesk ( well before the cut-off date and get them to correct the registration details.
This is the list of machines that are scheduled to be de-registered as of the time of posting.

# IP ADDRESS     MACHINE             MAC ADDRESS        USER      DESCRIPTION   jbghw-4.jhb         00-14-85-06-D0-B4  jbghw     Helene White   stu1387-1.entrop    00-0F-1F-A7-21-8C  stu1387   Bonginkosi Mamba   stu1387-2.entrop    00-40-D0-8A-ED-F2  stu1387   Bonginkosi Mamba   stu1387-3.entrop    00-40-F4-8C-E5-13  stu1387   Bonginkosi Mamba   sprt030-1.admin     00-E0-18-44-1E-38  sprt030   Carina Nordin    spdsh.wlan          00-90-4B-FE-FC-72  spdsh     Sheraz Docrat   visit214.wlan       00-18-DE-70-72-86  visit214  Johann van Tonder    spdg-1.wlan         00-11-24-91-42-29  spdg      Gillian Donald   cdba-1.wlan         00-11-95-BF-1D-DC  cdba      Barbara Argent   spssh-1.wlan        00-12-F0-DC-9A-4E  spssh     Shamsuddin Shahid    zoje-1.wlan         00-13-CE-A7-8F-C8  zoje      Johan Erlandsson    visit20.wlan        00-16-CE-50-51-87  visit20   Marianne Krasny    visit36.wlan        00-0C-F1-22-3F-C5  visit36   CUE Brent Meersman    sukh-1.wlan         00-12-F0-C6-C4-B2  sukh      IWR Sukh Mantel PHDlaptop   stu1387-2.wlan      00-13-02-07-0C-09  stu1387   Bonginkosi Mamba   visit118-1.wlan     00-13-CE-D1-E7-DD  visit118  Laura Kapenauarue Tjombonde   visit119-1.wlan     00-0E-35-D3-1C-24  visit119  Uanjengua-ije Tjioro   visit120-1.wlan     00-0E-35-E5-D0-08  visit120  Zimele Cele   visit138-1.wlan     00-12-F0-DC-86-7C  visit138  Peter Verwey   visit143-1.wlan     00-0E-35-10-D2-EB  visit143  Alan Dixon   iwr907.wlan         00-16-6F-99-7E-F3  ifws034   IWR907 Andrew Gordon laptop   visit147.wlan       00-0E-35-16-2B-18  visit147  Miranda Elaine Glynis Armstrong   visit08-1.wlan      00-04-23-77-4F-30  visit08   Gerbert Vandenberghe   visit167.wlan       00-12-F0-9D-54-5C  visit167  Izak Minnaar   visit181.wlan       00-0E-9B-78-DA-CF  visit181  Els Vanderhasselt   ifws039-1.wlan      00-11-F5-DE-E5-F6  ifws039   IWR902 Sharon Laptop   visit219-1.wlan     00-12-F0-22-F7-AC  visit219  Peter Nicol    tracey3.ilam        00-0A-E4-20-FB-E6  ilat      Andrew Tracey    atracey.ilam        00-E0-29-3D-F1-1F  ilat      Andrew Tracey    lillian.amm         00-E0-29-3D-F0-4D  spln      Lillian Ndagam     lilian.amm          00-50-04-5E-24-9B  spln      Lilian Ndangam    visit138-1.amm      00-11-85-5D-2D-2E  visit138  Peter Verwey    visit167.amm        00-14-38-0D-D1-04  visit167  Izak Minnaar   visit08-1.amm       00-C0-9F-30-89-07  visit08   Gerbert Vandenberghe    adlm-2.counselling  00-C0-DF-06-66-F0  adlm      Lizelle Jass    rhodetrip           00-0D-61-53-5E-8E  spsh      Shannon Hayes    spsh-1.rhodetrip    00-C0-9F-F2-18-36  spsh      Shannon Hayes    herbarium3.albmus   00-0E-0C-3E-62-95  botn025   Herbarium Botany dept    herbarium1.albmus   00-11-09-D8-19-A6  botn025   Herbarium Botany dept    herbarium2.albmus   00-11-09-D8-19-A5  botn025   Herbarium Botany dept   admn100-2.egadmin   00-16-36-43-FA-B6  admn100   Donna Lee Griffin   faid05.egadmin      00-E0-29-41-96-58  admv      Maureen van Hille   spssh-1.geog        00-0A-E4-36-BA-79  spssh     Shamsuddin Shahid   visit143-1.geog     08-00-46-D8-F1-34  visit143  Alan Dixon   visit147.geog       00-0B-DB-9B-4B-A8  visit147  Miranda Elaine Glynis Armstrong    holz.geol           00-E0-29-07-4F-73  glfh      Frank Holzforster         00-11-24-35-ED-70  spndv     Nicolas Devos        00-C0-9F-92-97-D9  sppwes    Peter Weston          00-14-51-07-BB-EC  spdg      Gillian Donald    visit221-1.phys     00-03-0D-0F-73-6F  visit221  Bradley Stanton Frank    visit219-1.phys     00-0F-B0-60-D9-46  visit219  Peter Nicol    visit220-1.phys     00-C0-9F-7B-FF-B8  visit220  Fabio Adriano Frescura    magda.micro         00-B0-D0-7B-A9-A5  miiz      I Zubrzycki   spghaw-1.micro      00-C0-9F-4F-5F-2C  spghaw    Greer Hawley   spsj-1.zoo          00-14-51-1C-BC-E2  spsj      Sebastien Jaquemet   mb34.micro          00-E0-29-46-90-F4  temp02    Paula Antunes   sog01.ocean         00-E0-29-0F-E9-BA  zoep      E Pakhomov   zoje-1.zoo          00-01-4A-C7-26-F3  zoje      Johan Erlandsson   zoo52.zoo           00-10-DC-C1-FE-4B  zool016   Leigh Stuart  orinoco.ict         [NONE]             csjb      Jody Balarin   streamserver.ict    00-0E-0C-4E-4B-5C  csjb      CoE Streaming Server   b-streamserver.ict  00-0E-0C-4E-4B-5D  csjb      CoE Streaming Server  encoder1.ict        00-07-E9-59-D2-32  csjb      CoE Video Encoder1  encoder2.ict        00-07-E9-59-D1-F4  csjb      CoE Video Encoder2   visiting.ict        00-0F-B0-A2-B7-DE  ictguest  Visiting Lecturer  phanor.botha        00-00-39-37-C1-F0  sppmm     Phanor Montoya-Maya      00-10-DC-59-9C-0E  cate069   Siphokazi Mxinwa  mandela.hallsec     00-11-09-DE-B7-54  publ010   Tracey Daubermann  eng12.eng           00-10-4B-B8-65-79  eng748    Howard Potgieter  visit213-1.afr-lang 00-00-39-BE-B3-BA  visit213  Axel Fleisch  spmvdh.afned        00-E0-29-42-0B-CF  spmvdh    P van der Hoek      00-03-93-EC-82-4D  visit134  Peter Alexander van Dijk      00-13-CE-DC-9C-49  visit135  Marc Uys   csd01.csd           00-40-F4-7B-62-0C  csddh     Di Hornby  csd15.csd           00-C0-9F-08-5A-D6  csddh     Di Hornby  knight.envsci       00-06-5B-D5-0B-60  spakn     Andrew Knight  spakn-1.envsci      00-A0-D1-DC-EF-17  spakn     Andrew Knight    ed02.educ           00-11-09-06-E3-CD  educ051   Jongi Klaas   educ051-1.educ      00-0F-1F-C8-29-E4  educ051   Jongi Klaas   educ099-1.educ      00-0F-20-CB-24-F0  educ099   Dale Lessing  rumep03.rumep       00-00-C0-8B-D4-95  rumnb     Nataly Basson    sppmm-1.saiab       00-00-39-37-C1-F0  sppmm     Phanor Montoya-Maya  j86.saiab           00-E0-29-41-FF-19  ihcd      Charles deVos  thembela.saiab      00-48-54-1E-7A-10  saiab194  Thembela Bushula   amber.difs          00-03-0D-0D-38-0D  iseaac    Amber Childs  researcher.psam     00-40-F4-2E-75-97  soci023   Unathi Millie  psam012-1.psam      00-10-DC-97-D3-A4  psam012   Mbasar Voyi  psam012-2.psam      00-0B-CD-17-73-4F  psam012   Mbasar Voyi  spdsh.psam          00-40-CA-D3-5C-0E  spdsh     Sheraz Docrat  fsecure.psam        [NONE]             spdsh     PSAM FSecure Policy Server  pol39.politics      00-0C-76-97-64-E9  poli021   Michele Ruiters    spat-1.iser         00-11-09-DE-B3-C2  spat      Andile Tobi    visit16.iser        00-10-60-5E-93-56  visit16   Wilhelmina Knol   visit21.iser        00-08-0D-AB-92-F5  visit21   Renee Dutscher   visit15.iser        00-E0-98-F5-68-F0  visit15   Marije Vlaanderen   p14.philosophy      00-E0-18-44-1E-71  spreb     Rebecca Bamford   spbb.philosophy     00-03-93-46-C1-8E  spbb      Barbara Bell  ant26.anthro        00-08-0D-26-B8-F4  stud339   Emil Von Maltitz  spjf-1.anthro       00-0F-B0-07-D8-B9  spjf      Jude Fokwang          00-10-DC-CD-CD-B3  enjo062   Gina Balarin   visit88-1.drama     00-0A-95-8D-89-F8  visit88   Caherine Henegan   visit88-2.drama     00-03-93-92-33-AE  visit88   Caherine Henegan   spjyc-1.chem        00-08-0D-BC-68-66  spjyc     Jiyao Chen   spea-1.chem         00-0F-1F-C8-53-D2  spea      Edith Antunes   pharm001-1.pharm    00-E0-18-43-75-75  pharm001  Denzil Beukes         00-50-04-0C-D2-F0  comm212   Mlenga Jere    spmvdh.econ         00-E0-29-42-0B-CF  spmvdh    P van der Hoek   ligb-1.ling         00-0F-B0-01-62-16  ligb      Gary Barkhuizen