2007/03/12 - Student PC Deregistrations
Every year at about this time we de-register any student PC on our network that hasn't been re-registered for the year. This year that de-registration process will happen during the course of Monday 12 March 2007.

Any student who has already (re-)registered their computer in 2007 can safely ignore this message. This includes all students making use of our Student Networking service.

Any student who hasn't yet re-registered in 2007 and is still making use of a computer on our network should make sure that they've re-registered before the cut-off date. In the case of undergraduate students, this means signing up for the student networking service from your residence or on the wireless network (we no longer register private undergraduate machines in departments). In the case of postgraduate students who're using machines in academic departments, this means completing an application form and getting your head of department or chief technical officer to countersign it. The completed form should be taken to the IT Division Helpdesk on the middle floor of Struben building.

Postgraduates should be aware that some departments (for instance Physics, Computer Science and Information Systems) forward us postgraduate registrations in bulk, obviating the need for you to complete an individual form. Please check with your department's chief technical officer to find out if this is the case.

All students should be aware that there's been a change in registration policy for this year. Registrations are no longer done free of charge, except in the case of postgraduates in (and with the support of) their department. This means that people who've previously enjoyed free access from the public labs or on the wireless network may no longer do so. Full details are available at

Students who make use of the old "Rhodes" wireless network should be aware that we no longer register students on this network. More details on wireless services available to students are available on

A complete list of student PCs that we intend to de-register will be posted here shortly.
The following student PCs have not been re-registered for 2007 as of the time of posting. Unless these registrations are updated before the cut-off date, they will be de-registered.

# IP ADDRESS     MACHINE             MAC ADDRESS        USER      DESCRIPTION     g03m1982.dsl        00-0A-E4-06-1F-72  g03m1982  Rsan Tiwonge Jaranthowa Mkandawire Sanatorium     g03m0097.dsl        00-11-95-26-C1-20  g03m0097  Ka-Ki Grace Ma Sanatorium     g06c0281.dsl        00-14-2C-DD-E1-58  g06c0281  Glynn Chambers     g03g0517.dsl        00-C0-9F-4F-5F-57  g03h2084  Kelly Hamilton at Anton Vorster    g03i1388.ebru       00-11-09-CC-0B-9C  g03i1388  Eric Igbinigie    g06p6637.retreat    00-0D-60-38-4A-7D  g06p6637  Mohamed Patel    g01v1986-1.english  00-10-4B-AE-7A-46  g01v1986  Peter van der Woude    g01v1986-2.english  00-E0-29-67-BE-D0  g01v1986  Pete Van Der Woude   iwr11.iwr           00-E0-29-13-2A-04  604r0006  IWR 39 Nick    g03g0517.src        00-40-F4-18-B6-D9  g03g0517  Bryony Green    activate-1.src      00-C0-DF-E8-3A-71  g04n0893  Stacey Nel    activate-2.src      00-E0-29-34-57-C7  g04n0893  Stacey Nel    activate-3.src      00-0C-6E-83-B9-40  g04n0893  Stacey Nel    g05b5579-2.counselling 00-E0-18-43-71-24  g05b5579  Jason Bantjes    g05m5602-3.counselling 00-E0-18-44-1C-77  g05m5602  Nkateko Mboweni    g05m5602.counselling 00-E0-29-3C-CB-AA  g05m5602  Nkateko Mboweni    g05p5418.counselling 00-E0-18-43-6F-70  g05p5418  Anita Padmanabhanunni    g04d4928-2.counselling 00-E0-18-43-70-43  g04d4928  Gail de Zitter    g82b6087.albmus     00-0F-B0-48-A0-0C  g82b6087  Helen James   g02p0597.geog       00-03-0D-11-C8-E7  g02p0597  Elizabeth Pio   g02l2612.geog       00-0D-61-9B-ED-A9  g02l2612  Clint Leander   g06b0005-2.geog     00-E0-29-08-F3-F1  g06b0005  Helen Louise Brown        00-06-1B-D5-A7-92  g04f2509  Fabien Rocky Gilbert Forget        00-30-4F-3F-18-1F  g67a0911  Trevor Abraham      00-0D-56-7A-68-3A  g05s5425  Sefiu Adekilekun Saheed      00-0C-76-B5-D4-BA  g05s5425  Sefiu Adekilekun Saheed        00-16-36-0D-90-10  g04c3053  John Caddick        00-50-BF-B4-FB-F6  g05c6600  Vincent Ralph Clark   g01e2301-1.psycho   00-C0-9F-4A-D1-B4  g01e2301  Marie-Clair Elphick   g01a1081.psycho     00-50-BA-D5-FD-12  g01a1081  MarianaAckerman    williams.phys       00-12-3F-01-A4-84  g03w0412  Jennifer Williams    kepler.phys         00-0C-76-1C-B0-B3  g99r1227  Post Graduate Machine    cactus.phys         00-48-54-1F-66-1E  g00y0065  A Youthead    kim.phys            00-0A-E4-59-8B-AB  g00m0685  Kim McAlpine    sid.phys            00-03-0D-06-0E-C0  g99r1227  Laura Richter    g02c1451.phys       00-40-45-25-4F-AD  g02c1451  Charles Copley   srcelection.lib     00-10-DC-CD-23-13  g04f3129  Blake Friedman    students.micro      00-E0-29-18-B1-BE  g02h4610  Student use    g03d4394-1.zoo      00-E0-29-48-34-AD  g03d4394  Eliecer Diaz    metals2.micro       00-E0-29-28-3A-ED  g99m1854  Cherie-Lynn Mack    titan.micro         00-E0-29-1D-A2-23  g99m1854  Cherie-Lynn Mack   g01b1802.zoo        00-40-CA-D1-65-50  g01b1802  Justin David Blake   g03p0081.zoo        00-02-3F-0B-0C-70  g03p0081  Joanne Palmer   g01m2024-1.zoo      00-08-02-EA-6A-63  g01m2024  John Mark Midgley   g05t1765.zoo        00-08-0D-95-90-FB  g05t1765  Robin Tourle   g02g1838-1.zoo      00-16-36-2C-0F-C4  g02g1838  Kierryn Gendall   g02h5143.zoo        00-03-0D-48-45-0C  g02h5143  Unathi-Nkosi Heshula   g02b4248-2.zoo      00-0F-B0-BB-AC-34  g02b4248  Stacey May Beck   g07a2911.zoo        00-08-0D-19-D7-63  g07a2911  Felix Jerry Kpabey   g01m2024.zoo        00-08-0D-46-B8-F4  g01m2024  John Midgley   g02b4248.zoo        00-A0-CC-CD-30-5F  g02b4248  Stacey Beck   g98t3307.zoo        00-13-20-24-12-04  g98t3307  Gavin Tweddle   g02g1838.zoo        00-10-A4-9B-E1-DB  g02g1838  Leigh Gendall   g01f1500.micro      00-0F-B0-7D-01-B7  g01f1500  Ronen fogel   g03s2518.micro      00-E0-29-3D-C0-4B  g03s2518  Addmore Shonhai   g99r1551.micro      00-03-0D-3C-ED-B4  g99r1551  Nasheen Ragubeer   g06z3114.micro      00-0F-1F-A7-21-8C  g06z3114  Bongumusa Msizi Zuma   g02b0512.micro      00-02-3F-3E-E6-B4  g02b0512  Natasha Beukes   g03f0103.micro      00-0B-CD-54-FB-98  g03f0103  Kelly-anne frith   g02m1032.micro      00-03-0D-3C-E4-6B  g02m1032  Thomas Tendo Mukasa-Mugerwa   g99m1854-2.micro    00-03-0D-3E-AF-A3  g99m1854  Cherie-Lynn Mack   g02m2567.micro      00-12-79-C2-35-AB  g02m2567  Bronwyn Moore   g04s0018.micro      00-03-0D-26-1F-F6  g04s0018  Peter Strong   g99m1854.micro      00-11-95-5C-5B-F7  g99m1854  Cherie-Lynn Mack   g05a6417.micro      00-06-4F-13-A8-C6  g05a6417  Rasheed Adeleke   g01d1772.micro      00-0F-B0-7B-5E-CC  g01d1772  Sheril Daniel   g98b4284.micro      00-0A-E4-5B-34-CD  g98b4284  Rory Brimecombe   g02v0548.biosci     00-D0-59-7A-9C-DF  g02v0548  Jacoba van Dyk   g06m0382.labprivate 00-0A-E4-20-6E-E8  g06m0382  Meng Meng   g05m0102.labprivate 00-0F-B0-5F-16-55  g05m0102  Brigitte Melly   mac-fw-01.dsl       00-11-24-31-88-7A  g9610051  Brad Klinkradt    janine.dsl          00-0A-E4-44-2B-E4  g01b0040  Janine Beard  jake-ap.dsl         [NONE]             g00o2352  Jake Opie  geng.voip           [NONE]             g04v5287  Charles Von Den Meden  geng.dsl            [NONE]             g04v5287  Charles Von Den Meden  king.voip           [NONE]             g00k4406  Adam King  jake.voip           [NONE]             g00o2352  Jake Opie   suffield-fw.dsl     [NONE]             g01p2599  Kiran Pienaar   suffield-ap.dsl     [NONE]             g01p2599  Kiran Pienaar   kiran-nb.dsl        [NONE]             g01p2599  Kiran Pienaar   leela-nb.dsl        [NONE]             g01p2599  Kiran Pienaar   kiran-ipp.dsl       [NONE]             g01p2599  Kiran Pienaar   squishy2.dsl        [NONE]             g01p2599  Kiran Pienaar  lorenzo.scw         [NONE]             g01d0010  Lorenzo Dalvit  fredo-gw.scw        [NONE]             g05o5894  Fred Otten  thamm-gw.scw        [NONE]             g02m1612  Tham Moyo  nyashac.scw         [NONE]             g02c1178  Nyasha Chigwamba  hons-gw.scw         [NONE]             g03b4168  Peter Beyleveld    grahamstr.scw       [NONE]             g05o5894  Fred Otten    fred.scw            [NONE]             g05o5894  Fred Otten    jimmyb.scw          [NONE]             g03b3174  James Barry    deanbean.scw        [NONE]             g03f4951  Dean Flanagan    benaiah.scw         [NONE]             g04h2708  Douglas Hobson    ralph.scw           [NONE]             g05c6600  Vincent Ralph Clark   gershwin.scw        [NONE]             g02c1178  Nyasha Chigwamba   g02c1178.scw        [NONE]             g02c1178  Nyasha Chigwamba   scw35.voip          [NONE]             g02c1178  Nyasha Chigwamba   baystack.scw        [NONE]             g03t3726  Warren Tendaupenyu   danger.scw          [NONE]             g01r2378  Cameron Richards   regnad.scw          [NONE]             g01r2378  Cameron Richards   thamm.scw.rhodent   [NONE]             g02m1612  Tham Moyo            [NONE]             g02m1612  Tham Moyo   g02m1612.scw        [NONE]             g02m1612  Tham Moyo   g04k1735.scw        [NONE]             g04k1735  Carolyn Krull  g06d5416.scw        [NONE]             g06d5416  Emma Drury  g05n1111.scw        [NONE]             g05n1111  Daudi Nabaasa  g04c3003.scw        [NONE]             g04c3003  Frances Cluver  omega               08-00-20-1A-B4-9B  g01c2974  CS SS10   honsbaystack1.ict   [NONE]             g03t3726  Warren Tendaupenyu   honsbaystack2.ict   00-60-FD-C2-F6-BC  g03t3726  Warren Tendaupenyu   obelix.ict          00-02-B3-E9-48-52  g01c2974  Ex UFH   v100.ict            00-03-BA-5C-AE-0B  g97p5142  Sun Fire V100   aether.ict          00-C0-DF-08-26-03  g00w1536  Bradley Whittington   vitalstatistix.ict  00-0E-0C-3E-88-71  g00k4406  Adam Scott king   respbx.ict          00-40-F4-4F-96-E1  g00o2352  Jake Opie   meshserver.ict      00-13-20-60-0E-32  g91d5350  Kevin Duff  rayon.ict           00-E0-29-3C-D1-BE  g00z1423  Danny Zhao  frog.ict            00-16-76-A7-0C-E0  g06t6632  Mosiuoa Jeremia Tsietsi  getafix.ict         00-11-09-C4-30-52  g00o2352  Jake Opie  securepbx.ict       00-11-09-C4-30-51  g00O2352  Jake Opie  elucidate.ict       00-11-09-C4-FD-F8  g00w1536  Bradley Whittington  cssipict.cs         00-E0-29-42-11-D7  g00z1423  Danny Zhao  softswitch.ict      00-E0-29-44-68-D2  g97p5142  Jason Penton  softswitchmobile.ict00-08-02-6D-13-FC  g97p5142  Jason Penton  toad.ict            00-16-76-A7-0C-E1  g06t6632  Mosiuoa Jeremia Tsietsi  voip1.ict           00-C0-DF-08-7E-05  g97p5142  VOIP  thepentagon.ict     00-E0-29-9A-63-52  g00t1153  Mamello Thinyane  softswitch2.ict     [NONE]             g97p5142  Jason Penton  ilanga1.ict         00-11-11-15-06-46  g00o2352  Jake Opie  ilanga2.ict         00-11-11-15-06-62  g00o2352  Jake Opie  demobox.ict         00-11-11-15-06-27  g00k4406  Adam King  callcentre.ict      00-11-11-15-06-31  g97p5142  Jason Penton  translateorgza.ict  [NONE]             g00w1536  vhost on coeassets.ict  g01d0010-1.ict      00-40-F4-4F-97-DE  g01d0010  Lorenzo Dalvit  g05o5894-1.ict      00-13-20-4B-DB-B9  g05o5894  Fred Otten  g01c1073-1.ict      00-13-20-60-0E-F9  g01c1073  Christo Crampton  potato.ict          00-11-11-83-2E-E6  g91d5350  Kevin Duff  soekris0.ict        00-00-24-C4-FE-18  g01c2974  Bradley Clayton  soekris1.ict        00-00-24-C4-FE-19  g01c2974  Bradley Clayton  soekris2.ict        00-00-24-C4-FE-1A  g01c2974  Bradley Clayton  g05g1909-1.ict      00-02-B3-E9-89-2D  g05g1909  Kevin Glass  g05g1909-2.ict      00-02-B3-E9-89-2C  g05g1909  Kevin Glass  coetest.ict         00-0C-76-6A-AC-69  g00w1536  Bradley Whittington  wimaxtest.ict       00-E0-29-48-6C-F3  g03b4168  Peter Beyleveld  vmg05o5894.ict      40-01-02-00-00-29  g05o5894  Frederick Otten  vmg9620754.ict      40-01-02-00-00-30  g9620754  Michelle Halse   aelab.ict           00-11-09-86-E3-3C  g99O2038  Harold Okai-Tettey    beethoven.ict       00-E0-29-98-00-30  g99o2038  Harold Okai-Tettey   lucubrate.ict       00-11-11-5C-B8-35  g00w1536  Bradley Whittington   tadpole.ict         [NONE]             g06t6632  Mosiuoa Tsietsi   sip.ict             [NONE]             g06t6632  Mosiuoa Tsietsi   g01d0010.ict        00-11-09-9D-28-30  g01d0010  Lorenzo Dalvit   thepyramid.ict      00-C0-9F-C7-92-02  g00t1153  mamello thinyane   voipgroup.voip      00-11-09-CA-9A-51  g01c2974  Bradley Clayton   rtmm01.voip         00-09-45-63-2B-1E  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm02.voip         00-09-45-63-84-30  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm03.voip         00-09-45-63-84-31  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm04.voip         00-09-45-63-84-2F  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm05.voip         00-09-45-63-84-2E  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm06.voip         00-09-45-63-84-2D  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm07.voip         00-09-45-63-84-36  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm08.voip         00-09-45-63-84-37  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm09.voip         00-09-45-63-84-29  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm10.voip         00-09-45-63-83-A1  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm11.voip         00-09-45-63-83-B0  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm12.voip         00-09-45-63-83-B1  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm13.voip         00-09-45-63-83-B2  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm14.voip         00-09-45-63-83-B3  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm15.voip         00-09-45-63-83-B4  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm16.voip         00-09-45-63-83-B5  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm17.voip         00-09-45-63-83-B6  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm18.voip         00-09-45-63-83-B7  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm19.voip         00-09-45-63-83-B8  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm20.voip         00-09-45-63-83-B9  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm21.voip         00-09-45-63-83-CE  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm22.voip         00-09-45-63-83-CF  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm23.voip         00-09-45-63-83-D0  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm24.voip         00-09-45-63-83-D1  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm25.voip         00-09-45-63-83-D2  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm26.voip         00-09-45-63-83-D3  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm27.voip         00-09-45-63-83-D4  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm28.voip         00-09-45-63-83-D5  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone   rtmm29.voip         00-09-45-63-83-D6  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone  rtmm30.voip         00-09-45-63-83-D7  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone  ict013.voip         00-09-45-63-2B-04  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict015.voip         00-09-45-63-2B-18  g01d0010  Voice over IP Phone  cisco1.voip         00-09-EB-B4-AD-78  g97p5142  Loaned Telkom Cisco VOIP  cisco2.voip         00-09-E8-81-28-32  g97p5142  Loaned Telkom Cisco VOIP  claytonphone.voip   00-09-45-63-27-3E  g01c2974  Voice Over IP Phone  ict016.voip         00-09-45-63-2B-08  g05o5894  Voice over IP Phone  ict017.voip         00-09-45-63-27-40  g01r0806  Voice over IP Phone  ict018.voip         00-09-45-63-2B-03  g00k4406  Voice over IP Phone  ict019.voip         00-09-45-63-2B-17  g00o2352  Voice over IP Phone  ict020.voip         00-09-45-63-83-92  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict021.voip         00-09-45-63-83-9D  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict022.voip         00-09-45-63-83-9E  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict023.voip         00-09-45-63-83-9F  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict024.voip         00-09-45-63-83-A0  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict025.voip         00-09-45-63-83-A2  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict026.voip         00-09-45-63-83-A4  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict027.voip         00-09-45-63-83-A5  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict028.voip         00-09-45-63-83-A1  g91d5350  Voice Over IP Phone  ict029.voip         00-09-45-63-83-A3  g02m1213  Voice Over IP Phone  ict030.voip         00-09-45-63-84-02  g02z0525  Voice Over IP Phone  ict031.voip         00-09-45-63-83-AF  g01d0010  Voice Over IP Phone  ict032.voip         00-09-45-63-83-A9  g00w1536  Voice Over IP Phone  ict035.voip         00-09-45-63-84-3A  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict036.voip         00-09-45-63-84-32  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict037.voip         00-09-45-63-84-35  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict038.voip         00-09-45-63-84-39  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict039.voip         00-09-45-63-84-3B  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict040.voip         00-09-45-63-84-34  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict041.voip         00-09-45-63-84-38  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict042.voip         00-09-45-63-84-1F  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict043.voip         00-09-45-63-84-24  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict044.voip         00-09-45-63-84-33  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict045.voip         00-09-45-63-84-2B  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict046.voip         00-09-45-63-84-22  g97p5142  Voice Over IP Phone  ict047.voip         00-09-45-63-83-95  g00o2352  Voice Over IP Phone  ict049.voip         00-09-45-63-84-28  g91d5350  Voice Over IP Phone  ict051.voip         00-09-45-63-84-4A  g05o5894  Voice Over IP Phone  ict052.voip         00-09-45-63-84-11  g06s0009  Voice Over IP Phone  ict053.voip         00-09-45-63-84-10  g06s0009  Voice Over IP Phone    nakiz.ict           00-10-A4-BC-2B-B6  spns      Nakiz Sunassee    squishy.ict         00-16-CB-CD-A6-FF  g01c2974  Bradley Clayton    genije.ict          00-0F-1F-16-AE-D8  g94p5269  Austin Poulton    g03p0340.ict        00-C0-9F-BC-33-AB  g03p0340  Duncan Halford Phillips    g03m2865.ict        00-E0-18-FB-AB-AC  g03m2865  Joy-farai Mika    g02r3846-1.ict      00-16-36-4E-51-F8  g02r3846  John Peter Frank Richter   g06m0009.ict        00-0A-E4-A2-93-5D  g06m0009  Barbara Mueller   lorenzo.ict         00-A0-D1-B2-86-DB  g01d0010  L Dalvit   g06s0009.ict        00-0F-1F-C7-F3-99  g06s0009  Loic Schule   taddles.ict         00-E0-98-94-83-F3  g01c2974  Bradley Clayton   g03i3015.ict        00-00-39-9B-7D-19  g03i3015  Andrew Illgner   ion.ict             00-0D-56-39-96-3C  g98t4414  Melekam Tsegaye   robbenyon.ict       00-E0-29-10-34-46  g88b8064  Robert Benyon   g02w1205-2.ict      00-11-D8-5F-BA-8A  g02w1205  Rowan Wakeford   g03t2052.ict        00-50-BF-EC-80-C2  g03t2052  Douglas Trewartha   kevinduff.ict       00-0B-CD-AB-0A-82  g91d5350  Kevin Duff   g03w1065.ict        00-16-D3-43-A8-3D  g03w1065  Glenn Wilkinson   g02l4621.ict        00-0B-DB-18-82-46  g02l4621  Haidi Liu   g05g1909-3.ict      00-13-D3-F0-79-D9  g05g1909  Kevin Glass   sycophant.ict       00-A0-D1-DB-8C-62  g00w1536  Bradley Whittington   g03p0081.ict        00-0A-E4-4D-CE-20  g03p0081  Jo Palmer   g05o5894.ict        00-01-29-F2-29-22  g05o5894  Fred Otten   g00o2352.ict        00-50-FC-CD-5E-13  g00o2352  Jake Opie   g02v2468-1.ict      00-05-5D-D3-FF-D4  g02v2468  Jean-pierre van Riel   g91d5350.ict        00-00-E8-60-89-3A  g91d5350  Kevin Duff   g00k4406.ict        00-11-09-A4-C2-2A  g00k4406  Adam King   darthvader.ict      00-02-B3-4B-5A-DB  g02b3972  J-P Buchanan   g02w1205.ict        00-14-85-E7-1F-A5  g02w1205  Rowan wakford   g02c1178.ict        00-11-09-24-98-60  g02c1178  Nyasha Chigwamba   g01d0010-2.ict      00-E0-98-A1-86-1B  g01d0010  lorenzo dalvit   ibmx31.ict          00-0D-60-B0-8E-E5  g00z1423  Danny Zhao   asylumed.ict        00-02-2A-C1-A4-AA  g02h3234  Mike Horne   jaybeepee.ict       00-C0-9F-A7-5F-85  spjbp     Jason Penton   g01m1261.ict        00-03-0D-1A-74-A0  g01m1261  Molupe Mothepu   g02l1888.ict        00-14-22-DD-FF-BC  g02l1888  James Lech   g03a0381.ict        00-0F-B0-5E-C9-62  g03a0381  Greg Atkinson   g02h2310.ict        00-0A-E4-E4-0F-B7  g02h2310  Stephen Hawkridge   g03b4168.ict        00-0D-61-4F-87-C2  g03b4168  Peter James Beyleveld   g06n6633-2.ict      00-20-ED-6F-6A-B4  g06n6633  Simbarashe Nyika   g02l4621-1.ict      00-13-21-B6-5C-8C  g02l4621  Haidi Liu   g06i3351.ict        00-40-CA-B7-55-E9  g06i3351  Osedum Peter Igumbor   g03f2534.ict        00-50-BF-98-06-F7  g03f2534  Philips Foulkes   g04n4693.ict        00-40-D0-62-0B-E5  g04n4693  Merle Naidoo   g00c0022.ict        00-0D-60-7E-E3-2B  g00c0022  Russell Cloran   g00t1153-1.ict      00-0B-DB-05-EF-96  g00t1153  Mamello Patience Thinyane   g03p0340-1.ict      00-0D-F0-21-43-21  g03p0340  Duncan Halford Phillips   g04n4645.ict        00-0D-F0-1F-77-0A  g04n4645  Musa Glen Ndzovela   g06l0002.ict        00-13-CE-A5-76-40  g06l0002  Matthew Murray Robert Lowe    00-03-0D-3C-E4-6B  g02m1032  Thomas Tendo Mukasa-Mugerwa  jessica.botha       00-14-22-8A-62-86  g06e6254  Jessica Escobar-Porras    g06h3750.psycho     00-0A-E4-FD-6B-AD  g06h3750  Shayne Michelle Horsman    g06v5417.psycho     00-40-D0-87-B0-09  g06v5417  Francois Van Der Linde   g01e2301-2.psycho   00-C0-9F-4A-D1-B4  g01e2301  Marie-Clair Elphick    deptlaptop.rbi      00-14-38-16-76-F5  g06g4282  Department Laptop   g02a1351.bri        00-0B-5D-C5-9D-24  g02a1351  Wai Ling Au   g03s0379.bri        00-0F-EA-71-AB-E5  g03s0379  R28 Orrin Snelgar   g05k2367.bri        00-02-3F-1B-4C-38  g05k2367  R15 Braden Howard Matthew King   g05c4526.bri        00-14-85-07-7D-74  g05c4526  Alistair Hugh Carver   g04p4322.bri        00-06-5B-D9-E8-FE  g04p4322  Mitchell Kingsley Chido Pindura   g05d2203.bri        00-02-3F-0D-28-92  g05d2203  R9 Michael David Dives           00-E0-29-44-21-17  g01l3227  Melissa Lewis      00-0F-B0-C7-33-30  g00m2366  Maria Moutzouris      00-E0-98-D5-CD-FB  g00m2366  Maria Moutzouris      00-E0-29-3D-C4-87  g00m2366  Maria Moutzouris   g05b6116-1.isea     00-E0-29-48-73-E0  g05b6116  Nigel Bell  g05n6601-2.envsci   00-A0-D1-39-97-3A  g05n6601  Collins Ayine Nsor  g03s0010-1.envsci   00-15-60-BE-00-8B  g03s0010  James Woodward Saunders  env03.envsci        00-E0-29-35-D8-27  g99m1667  Lindsay Mcdermott  g03s0010-2.envsci   00-C0-DF-25-55-A1  g03s0010  James Saunders  env12.envsci        00-0F-B0-0C-63-7E  g04k0008  Sarah Kaschula  g05n6601.envsci     00-E0-29-35-D8-28  g05n6601  Collins Nsor  g01p1016.envsci     00-01-03-8D-23-84  g01p1016  Taryn Leigh Pereira  g04k0008.envsci     00-17-08-3F-33-07  g04k0008  Sarah Kaschula   g02d1009.educ       00-C0-9F-45-C6-6F  g02d1009  Linda Downsborough   g05d6280.educ       00-0A-E4-4E-97-BE  g05d6280  Sian Davies   g99s2017.educ       00-11-09-E9-2F-B6  g99s2017  EnvEd PhD PC Soul Shava  g04k0971.educ       00-0F-20-24-D2-04  g04k0971  Mphemelang Ketlhoilwe   g02n0454-1.difs     00-0A-E4-AA-B0-B3  g02n0454  Amanda Rosalind Northrop   g00m0964.difs       00-15-60-B2-41-EA  g00m0964  Caryn McNamara   g04p4322.bri        00-06-5B-D9-E8-FE  g04p4322  Mitchell Kingsley Chido Pindura   g05d2203.bri        00-02-3F-0D-28-92  g05d2203  R9 Michael David Dives           00-E0-29-44-21-17  g01l3227  Melissa Lewis      00-0F-B0-C7-33-30  g00m2366  Maria Moutzouris      00-E0-98-D5-CD-FB  g00m2366  Maria Moutzouris      00-E0-29-3D-C4-87  g00m2366  Maria Moutzouris   g05b6116-1.isea     00-E0-29-48-73-E0  g05b6116  Nigel Bell  g05n6601-2.envsci   00-A0-D1-39-97-3A  g05n6601  Collins Ayine Nsor  g03s0010-1.envsci   00-15-60-BE-00-8B  g03s0010  James Woodward Saunders  env03.envsci        00-E0-29-35-D8-27  g99m1667  Lindsay Mcdermott  g03s0010-2.envsci   00-C0-DF-25-55-A1  g03s0010  James Saunders  env12.envsci        00-0F-B0-0C-63-7E  g04k0008  Sarah Kaschula  g05n6601.envsci     00-E0-29-35-D8-28  g05n6601  Collins Nsor  g01p1016.envsci     00-01-03-8D-23-84  g01p1016  Taryn Leigh Pereira  g04k0008.envsci     00-17-08-3F-33-07  g04k0008  Sarah Kaschula   g02d1009.educ       00-C0-9F-45-C6-6F  g02d1009  Linda Downsborough   g05d6280.educ       00-0A-E4-4E-97-BE  g05d6280  Sian Davies   g99s2017.educ       00-11-09-E9-2F-B6  g99s2017  EnvEd PhD PC Soul Shava  g04k0971.educ       00-0F-20-24-D2-04  g04k0971  Mphemelang Ketlhoilwe   g02n0454-1.difs     00-0A-E4-AA-B0-B3  g02n0454  Amanda Rosalind Northrop   g00m0964.difs       00-15-60-B2-41-EA  g00m0964  Caryn McNamara   g01e4028-1.difs     00-0F-B0-D7-B6-F8  g01e4028  Johannes Albertus Esterhuizen   g01e4028-2.difs     00-E0-98-9B-18-8E  g01e4028  Johannes Albertus Esterhuizen   g9610057.difs       00-0F-B0-7C-20-FA  g9610057  Russell Chalmers   g00k2306.difs       00-0A-E4-AF-FE-75  g00k2306  Justin Kemp   g03t1142-2.difs     00-E0-29-62-CA-C7  g03t1142  Gregory Tutt  albert.difs         00-13-20-41-E0-75  g01e4028  Albert Esterhuizen  g06e6254.difs       00-14-22-8A-62-86  g06e6254  Jessica Escobar-Porras  g02p0507.difs       00-0D-88-B2-6E-CE  g02p0507  Paula Pattrick  g01b3014.difs       00-40-D0-7B-F6-68  g01b3014  Rhett Bennett  g02n0454-2.difs     00-11-09-BB-A5-D2  g02n0454  Amanda Northrop  g05b4903.difs       00-40-CA-D3-A5-F7  g05b4903  Andrea Bernatzeder  g04r5415.difs       00-C0-9F-6E-D6-1A  g04r5415  Serge Raemaekers  g02g0416.difs       00-C0-9F-E8-E0-15  g02g0416  Alistair Green  g02y1654.difs       00-40-CA-D3-94-09  g02y1654  Rowan Yearsley  g00d0966.psam       00-0F-B0-9A-63-09  g00d0966  Debbie Dalton   p10.philosophy      00-00-C0-E7-ED-D2  g00s0216  Lucy Shapiro   g00o3774.philosophy 00-0A-E4-FC-63-B7  g00o3774  Marianna Oelofsen  ant03.anthro        00-E0-29-34-58-BF  g04e2023  Postgrad student  g03m3717.anthro     08-00-1F-B1-56-29  g03m3717  Yohei Miyauchi  g04e2023.anthro     00-C0-9F-25-58-74  g04e2023  Daygan Eagar   g03b2347.hke        00-50-BF-9A-AD-09  g03b2347  Anthea Bennett   g03f0806-1.hke      00-0C-76-91-F8-1A  g03f0806  Hayley Freeland   g00w0782.hke        00-C0-9F-50-7B-49  g00w0782  Amy Wolfe   g02s2390.hke        00-03-0D-0D-27-89  g02s2390  Sarah Skelton   g02e0290.hke        00-01-4A-5E-ED-CB  g02e0290  Andrew Elliot   g02h2348.hke        00-A0-CC-DE-90-83  g02h2348  Jessica Hutchings   g03f0806-2.hke      00-0D-9D-88-6B-C3  g03f0806  Hayley Freeland    chem6.chem          00-E0-29-3C-D1-6B  g04g5867  Organic Workstation   g00v1211.chem       00-A0-D1-45-5E-AD  g00v1211  Albert Wynand Wincke van Wyk   g01k0522.chem       00-0A-E4-A8-BB-C6  g01k0522  Mielie Samson Khene  sheriff.chem        00-13-8F-2D-FC-C7  g04s2100  Sheriff Salisu  g00m0231.chem       00-0A-E4-D0-B5-C7  g00m0231  Fungisai Matemadombo  g01a0203.chem       00-0A-E4-E5-8F-D8  g01a0203  Anthona Afolayan    pharm03.pharm       00-0A-E4-5A-47-E9  g01w1741  Kasongo Wa Kasongo   g02s3443.pharm      00-03-0D-0B-24-14  g02s3443  Mark Wesley Scheepers   g02m1465.pharm      00-40-D0-42-BA-B7  g02m1465  Nyaradzo Mandimika   g02a1351.pharm      00-0B-5D-C5-9D-24  g02a1351  Wai Ling Au  pharm104.pharm      00-03-0D-0D-39-E2  g98k3059  Sandile Khamanga  g98k3059-1.pharm    00-10-DC-C3-D8-F1  g98k3059  Sandile Khamanga  g00s1926.pharm      00-11-09-06-E0-56  g00s1926  Clarris Shiri        00-01-4A-08-29-5E  g06j6211  GD Johnson        00-0F-B0-C7-33-30  g00m2366  Maria Moutzouris   g05d2182.econ       00-C0-9F-FF-B1-F2  g05d2182  Durodola Oludamola   g02e0547.ling       00-E0-91-02-C6-32  g02e0547  Georgina Jane Eley

The following machines are registered on the "Rhodes" wireless network. These machines will not be re-registered under any circumstances (so don't bother asking). Students should make use of the "" wireless network instead.

CODE   g02m1134.wlan       00-12-F0-2D-1F-48  g02m1134  Tendai Mupfumira   g05b4903.wlan       00-14-A5-00-B9-C3  g05b4903  Andrea Bernatzeder DIFS   g05o3696.wlan       00-16-CE-0C-51-5B  g05o3696  Bronwyn O'Connell DIFS   g04f3129.wlan       00-11-24-95-8D-BE  g04f3129  Blake Friedman   g01w1741.wlan       00-04-E2-5A-0D-4E  g01w1741  R1 Kasongo wa Kasongo   g02s0526.wlan       00-14-85-0A-97-27  g02s0526  R28 James Roswell Short   g03b0751.wlan       00-12-0E-07-55-B2  g03b0751  R4 David Allan Burmeister   g06z3114.wlan       00-12-0E-0C-53-1D  g06z3114  R11 Bongumusa Msizi Zuma   g06m4522.wlan       00-13-CE-9F-59-3F  g06m4522  Stuart Maree   g01f1500.wlan       00-0E-9B-C9-E5-0F  g01f1500  Ronen fogel   g04k1526.wlan       00-13-10-52-12-66  g04k1526  Adrian Keogh   g00z1423.wlan       00-02-8A-3A-6E-33  g00z1423  Xiaogeng Zhao   g02z0525-1.wlan     00-0B-6B-53-41-AA  g02z0525  Justin Zondagh   g00z1423.voip       00-09-45-63-83-EE  g00z1423  Xiaogeng Zhao   g00z1423-2.wlan     00-0F-3D-9F-F7-24  g00z1423  Xiaogeng Zhao   g02z0525-2.wlan     00-09-2D-0B-F0-0F  g02z0525  Justin-Zondagh     g06k1878.wlan       00-13-CE-90-D5-6B  g06k1878  g06k1878    g01d0010.wlan       00-02-A5-6F-4D-49  g01d0010  Lorenzo Dalvit    g02c1178.wlan       00-11-85-1E-16-56  g02c1178  Nyasha Chigwamba    wlan-peer-1.wlan    00-06-25-22-41-63  g00z1423  Danny Zhao    wlan-peer-2.wlan    00-02-2D-8F-3D-D6  g00z1423  Danny Zhao   g02c1178-1.wlan     00-02-8A-43-78-0A  g02c1178  Nyasha Chigwamba   g02y1654.wlan       00-14-A5-00-06-5B  g02y1654  Rowan Yearsley   g00m0231.wlan       00-12-F0-1D-A0-A1  g00m0231  Fungisai Matemadombo   g00t0646.wlan       00-01-4A-81-DD-55  g00t0646  Ralph Tettey-Amlalo   g02c1049.wlan       00-14-A4-2B-45-7C  g02c1049  Paul Collett   g00s1090.wlan       00-13-CE-37-21-60  g00s1090  Sunny Sunassee   g04v3988.wlan       00-0E-7F-75-1E-69  g04v3988  Henry van der Linde   g02e0290.wlan       00-12-F0-55-60-DF  g02e0290  Andrew Elliot   g05k5160.wlan       00-13-46-7A-E3-F1  g05k5160  Andrew Kemp   g03b0105.wlan       00-14-A5-06-DD-9B  g03b0105  Katherine Barker   g06b0099.wlan       00-14-A5-0B-28-24  g06b0099  Stuart Buchanann   g06o6135.wlan       00-14-51-80-E1-31  g06o6135  Bridget-Clare O'Keeffe   g06a4511.wlan       00-13-CE-9A-65-A7  g06a4511  Lorenzo Agustoni   g05t3333.wlan       00-14-A5-25-38-E1  g05t3333  Imran Tarmohamed   g06m0382.wlan       00-04-23-77-FD-D5  g06m0382  Meng Meng   g03m3420.wlan       00-12-F0-D7-7E-E2  g03m3420  Travis Masters   g04k1375.wlan       00-13-CE-90-7C-77  g04k1375  Eleni Kostopoulos   g05s1814.wlan       00-04-23-8E-96-62  g05s1814  Michelle Stylianou   g04c1130.wlan       00-01-4A-78-7A-37  g04c1130  Derek Cilliers   g06d2406.wlan       00-13-CE-CF-7F-12  g06d2406  Sphamandla Dlamini   g03s4001.wlan       00-0E-35-91-05-AD  g03s4001  Mncedisi Shange   g06r6514.wlan       00-10-60-61-E6-25  g06r6514  Philip Raw   g04l2285.wlan       00-60-B3-D2-76-C4  g04l2285  James Liebetrau   g04t1790.wlan       00-01-4A-78-2A-83  g04t1790  Ewan Leandros Tommy   g04u1543.wlan       00-11-F5-BC-27-7E  g04u1543  Herbert Ushewokunze   g06j5904-1.wlan     00-11-09-23-A6-11  g06j5904  Kevin Simon Japp   g05w0625.wlan       00-14-A4-35-57-68  g05w0625  Dylan James Weyer   g04d3698.wlan       00-0E-35-67-1B-4C  g04d3698  sharon hazel dsouza   g01d1358.wlan       00-02-8A-C1-C3-61  g01d1358  Jateen Dhaya   g04r2062.wlan       00-11-F5-AC-EF-22  g04r2062  Tinotenda Tozvirevasei Rushwaya   g05j0119.wlan       00-02-6F-21-10-7C  g05j0119  Jade Leigh Jacobsohn   g04p0344.wlan       00-14-A5-2C-AE-E5  g04p0344  Ashwin Mark Pienaar   g06j5904-2.wlan     00-11-24-78-17-16  g06j5904  Kevin Simon Japp   g02e0547.wlan       00-13-CE-18-68-91  g02e0547  Georgina Jane Eley   g04b0672.wlan       00-14-85-0D-AE-A9  g04b0672  Louise Bowen   g04b0081.wlan       00-14-A5-34-0B-FB  g04b0081  Amy Benjamin   g06w0201.wlan       00-0E-35-67-ED-93  g06w0201  Andrew Watcham   g01a0203.wlan       00-14-A4-35-58-AE  g01a0203  Anthona Afolayan   g98t3747.wlan       00-13-46-76-6C-5F  g98t3747  Graham Ronald Louis Traas   g06b3348.wlan       00-04-23-70-02-B9  g06b3348  David John Beckett   g06n1058.wlan       00-14-A5-2C-0D-A9  g06n1058  Marcelino Macdonald Nkuna   g05s0667.wlan       00-0E-35-8D-D7-94  g05s0667  Biancar Sturgeon   g02l4621.wlan       00-13-21-B6-5C-8C  g02l4621  Haidi Liu   g06v0974.wlan       00-15-00-30-1C-5D  g06v0974  Dale van der Lingen   g06d1049.wlan       00-14-A4-79-51-C4  g06d1049  R6 Habtamu Tesfaye Dugo   g06w0507.wlan       00-90-4B-D6-C7-6C  g06w0507  Amy Watkins   g06w0228.wlan       00-14-A4-6B-B5-96  g06w0228  Nicole Weatherdon   g04s2100.wlan       00-0E-2E-71-A2-12  g04s2100  Sheriff Salisu     g99d1267.wlan       00-04-E2-5A-0D-38  g99d1267  Bruce Donovan     g00k2306.wlan       00-13-CE-91-E4-30  g00k2306  Justin Kemp     g02n0454.wlan       00-12-F0-4F-2A-BF  g02n0454  Amanda Rosalind Northrop     g99r1551.wlan       00-13-CE-61-3B-91  g99r1551  Nasheen Ragubeer     g06h3724.wlan       00-12-F0-3C-A4-42  g06h3724  Mark Horsman    g03l2772.wlan       00-16-CE-2A-F4-BF  g03l2772  Steven Liddell    g06m3398.wlan       00-13-02-3C-F0-10  g06m3398  Kelvin Mjema    g04c1217.wlan       00-14-A4-4B-A2-1B  g04c1217  Devin Cripwell    g04r5415.wlan       00-0E-35-8C-D0-B4  g04r5415  Serge Raemaekers    g03c0143.wlan       00-C0-A8-BA-A6-DA  g03c0143  Kendall Crous    g06s0943.wlan       00-14-A5-0E-32-18  g06s0943  Mark Swaine    g00m0964.wlan       00-14-A5-69-B0-06  g00m0964  Caryn McNamara    g03d0005.wlan       00-16-6F-60-C4-E0  g03d0005  Henning de Klerk    g00o3774.wlan       00-16-CE-4C-B2-98  g00o3774  Marianna Oelofsen    g04p3432.wlan       00-A0-A5-F2-5B-BA  g04p3432  Alexa Pienaar    g02m1612-1.wlan     00-02-2D-86-98-FD  g02m1612  Thamsanqa Moyo    g02w1205.wlan       00-0F-20-7F-86-A4  g02w1205  Rowan Wakeford    g02c1451.wlan       00-11-09-0C-E3-E3  g02c1451  Charles Copley    g04b0554.wlan       00-13-CE-D4-86-75  g04b0554  Matt Bell    g06m0403.wlan       00-14-A5-5C-00-61  g06m0403  Tapiwa Maumbe    g06r6599.wlan       00-16-CE-27-20-5C  g06r6599  Sinqobile Cindy Radebe    g02s3828.wlan       00-14-A4-1E-D4-31  g02s3828  Mkhululi Duncan Stubbs    g04h1131.wlan       00-16-CE-4E-AD-A5  g04h1131  Jessica Hewson    g03h3312.wlan       00-01-4A-A5-E1-56  g03h3312  Geoff Hall    g04g0162.wlan       00-13-F7-01-FE-7B  g04g0162  Tanaka Plaxedes Ganyani    g06h3750.wlan       00-16-CE-43-7A-A9  g06h3750  Shayne Michelle Horsman    g03s0010.wlan       00-13-02-37-09-E5  g03s0010  James Woodward Saunders    g01e4028.wlan       00-16-6F-0B-0B-C6  g01e4028  Johannes Albertus Esterhuizen    g02r3846.wlan       00-16-68-27-99-B7  g02r3846  John Peter Frank Richter   g00t1153-1.wlan     00-04-23-4E-09-DF  g00t1153  Mamello Patience Thinyane   g04s1250.wlan       00-16-CE-2B-36-71  g04s1250  Ntombizandile Portia Sibozo   g02m1032.wlan       00-13-CE-62-D9-46  g02m1032  Thomas Tendo Mukasa-Mugerwa   g04z3369.wlan       00-16-CE-2B-15-6D  g04z3369  Malora Zeller   g04t5816.wlan       00-10-60-26-89-07  g04t5816  Shaakira Tharmahomed   g00v1211.wlan       00-13-02-5C-D6-7C  g00v1211  Albert van Wyk   g06b0086.wlan       00-16-6F-A2-A2-0D  g06b0086  Ryan Steven Beangstrom   g06l0002.wlan       00-13-CE-A5-76-40  g06l0002  Matthew Murray Robert Lowe   g05a0176.wlan       00-16-CE-1F-39-EA  g05a0176  Amma Nana Agyeman Agyepong-Yeboah   g03k1351.wlan       00-12-F0-C1-FB-87  g03k1351  Lily Angelina Klopsch   g02m1612.wlan       00-16-BC-7F-95-52  g02m1612  Tham Moyo   g03s0877.wlan       00-0E-35-6B-D0-C3  g03s0877  Meggan Slabbert   g02b1363.wlan       00-09-5B-83-C8-F7  g02b1363  Casey Lee Bradford   g06c1396.wlan       00-13-02-0F-76-8C  g06c1396  Blake Cunningham   g04j0865.wlan       00-13-02-5F-5D-13  g04j0865  Marcel Jakubec   g05m1795.wlan       00-14-A5-45-AF-4C  g05m1795  Collins Malunga   g05g1909-4.wlan     00-13-CE-B7-50-7C  g05g1909  Kevin Glass   g05n2806.wlan       00-0E-35-97-17-C2  g05n2806  Iqbal Nanabawa   g05n6601.wlan       00-14-85-E3-DC-D9  g05n6601  Collins Nsor   g03l2013.wlan       00-13-02-4C-F9-12  g03l2013  Andrew Leaker   g05p4208.wlan       00-13-CE-96-E9-C0  g05p4208  Gemma Pogodin   g05v0354.wlan       00-0E-35-91-5A-FE  g05v0354  Brian van Aswegen   g02m3959.wlan       00-05-5D-DA-AA-88  g02m3959  Maryssa Gudrun Ailsa Mann   g03l0422.wlan       00-11-25-30-11-CA  g03l0422  Christopher Lamb   g03l0873.wlan       08-00-46-DA-94-65  g03l0873  Hok-wan Karen Lam   g04n0337.wlan       00-17-F2-49-85-59  g04n0337  Peter Alan Nielsen   g05m1100.wlan       00-14-A5-70-69-F8  g05m1100  Joanne Linda Mellon   g05j0994.wlan       00-0E-9B-9E-7A-9F  g05j0994  Lonwabo Jwili   g03h0883.wlan       00-13-CE-A4-4E-1E  g03h0883  Kimberley Hinze   g06s6634.wlan       00-16-E3-2D-9A-8C  g06s6634  Adekoya Olubummi Michael Sanni   g06m6389.wlan       00-15-00-1A-9F-EC  g06m6389  Eloise Ann Marais   g03n2146.wlan       00-12-F0-6A-C5-2D  g03n2146  Bethuel Ndlovu   g03w1065.wlan       00-13-02-6E-CA-47  g03w1065  Glenn Wilkinson   g04p0498.wlan       00-13-02-6E-E2-EF  g04p0498  Nick Pilkington   g03r3036.wlan       00-16-CE-11-6B-51  g03r3036  Runyaradzo Ruzvidzo   g02b1470-1.wlan     00-13-02-54-20-FB  g02b1470  Tara Booth   g99f0812.wlan       00-13-02-8E-8B-C8  g99f0812  Michelle Furphy   g05p3200.wlan       00-13-CE-16-74-88  g05p3200  Brett John Matthew Petzer   g02m3900.wlan       00-12-0E-50-40-4B  g02m3900  Christine Maree   g03h4235.wlan       00-14-A4-20-A0-C5  g03h4235  Ateen Hansjee   g06s5340.wlan       00-14-A5-66-86-38  g06s5340  Karl Friedrich Schmidt   g03g1022.wlan       00-13-02-4E-F2-E5  g03g1022  Jean-luc Germiquet   g03m1785.wlan       00-16-CE-43-75-67  g03m1785  Richard Graham Marshall   g04k0008.wlan       00-18-DE-0B-7C-B5  g04k0008  Sarah Kaschula   g05s5425.wlan       00-90-4B-1F-96-8D  g05s5425  Sefiu Saheed   g06p6637.wlan       00-11-50-E2-DF-9C  g06p6637  Mohamed Patel     g01b1802.wlan       00-12-F0-4E-D6-2E  g01b1802  Justin David Blake    g04a0994.wlan       00-0F-EA-F8-EB-25  g04a0994  melanie victoria allen    g02r3846-1.wlan     00-16-36-4E-51-F8  g02r3846  John Richter    g05d2182.wlan       00-14-A4-66-1C-65  g05d2182  Durodola Oludamola