This is to advise that there may be telephone disruptions on Campus during the course of the weekend. This being due to a major electrical rewire and cut-over taking place in the Main Admin Building this weekend. Power is shedulded to be taken down in parts of the building as of 4:30pm today to allow for this.

The main PABX system and some ancillery telephone systems are housed in this building.

While backup power has been planned to cover the telephone systems during this outage, it is always possible that something could go wrong and disrupt the telephone system. If this does occur there will be a knock-on effect throught the campus. Unfortunately, the electric wiring in the building is very old and it is not possible to guarantee that the backup power will work without any problems.

All systems should be functioning normally again on monday. Should you experience any problems to your telephone services as a result of this, on monday, please report to the switchboard at ext 8000, or email support@ru.ac.za