2007/01/08 - Changes To Quota Settings
As you may have noticed, Internet quotas were temporarily increased over the Christmas period to allow those still in Grahamstown to take advantage of the spare capacity we had over the shutdown period.

During the course of the next few weeks, starting next Monday, quotas will systematically be returned to their pre-December levels so that, by the start of term, things are back to normal. This means that users who've been taking advantage of the increased bandwidth should now start considering the implications of the fourteen day window.
The first of these changes has just been made. Quotas are now at 3/4 of what they were yesterday, and are currently still three times higher than they should be.
A second change has now been made. Quotas are now 2/3 of what they were yesterday and are currently double what they should be. The final change will happen next Monday.
The last of the quota changes happened today, a day later than advertised. Quotas are now 1/2 what they were yesterday, and are at normal term-time levels.