During the recent spate of power cuts a number of the network switches that connect residences to our network have been damaged. Residences that we know have been affected are:

Jameson house, John Kotze house, Lillian Britten house, Milner house, New house, New house annexes, Salisbury house, and Walker house

In addition, there may be latent problems that we're not yet aware of and that may only become apparent over the next few days.

Unfortunately the number of switches that have been damaged exceeds the number we keep in stock as spares. This means that, in some instances, we may not be able to restore connectivity until we can source replacement parts. As this could take a while we will try, where possible, to use what older (and somewhat slower) 10Mbps equipment we have on hand in the interim.

We ask that students and wardens in the affected residences bear with us.

As usual further details about this outage may be posted to http://noticeboard.ru.ac.za/