2006/08/15 - Technical Q&a Session
On Tuesday 15th of August the systems development and administration section of the IT Division will be hosting an informal technical question and answer session. The idea is to give the more computer and network literate members of the Rhodes' community an opportunity to ask questions about how Rhodes' network works, the changes we've made, and those we're still planning.

The session will be fairly casual with its structure dictated by the types of questions people ask. We'll attempt to field any technical questions related to the University's ICT infrastructure, with the proviso that we won't deal with things that should be addressed by normal support channels. This isn't an opportunity to resolve some ongoing problem you're having; it's an opportunity to find out why things are done the way they are.

To summarise:
  • Where: Seminar Room 2, Eden Grove
  • When: Tuesday 15th August, starting at 18:00
  • What: A chance to find out how Rhodes' network works
  • Who: Any staff, student or member of the broader Rhodes community who is interested.
As its target audience is quite specific and limited, this session is not going to be advertised on any general mailing lists (e.g. the Events-L mailing list). Please feel free to invite anyone you think may be interested.
Just to confirm that this is still on for tomorrow.