2006/07/26 - Planned Network Outage On Upper Campus
The data centre in the AMM building has been flooded with 250 litres of de-ionised mist by the inadvertent triggering of the fire suppression system by contractors servicing air conditioning equipment.

No computer or network equipment has been damaged, however things are a bit damp - most seriously the UPS providing power to all this equipment.

Mopping up is taking place, but in order to dry off electronic equipment, the UPS will have to be shut down. This will be done as late today as feasible in order to inconvenience as few people as possible. It is expected power will be out for between 30 and 60 minutes.

When the power is off, the following areas of campus will not have network connectivity:

. The AMM building, including telephones
. The entire ResNet infrastructure on the upper half of campus
. Furniture and Equipment Stores
. Catering HQ
. Mandela, Kimberley, and Hobson dining halls
. Telephones in the Union, including the counselling centre

Apologies to all that are going to be affected - it's not something we would have chosen to happen. Anyway, it shows the fire suppression system works!
Panic over - judicious use of a blower to move water away and off things means that it won't be necessary to switch things off.

So, no outage.