2006/06/13 - Websieve No Longer Available
As of this morning, the web based inteface to sieve that was available at and is no longer accessible. This interface provided a way for users to set e-mail forwards, add filter rules to incoming e-mail and set access control lists on their mailboxes.

All the functionality that used to be provided by the websieve application is now provided in a more user-friendly form by the webmail client at In particular:Accesses to any of the old websieve URLs will result in an error message that contains this information.
One question that's come up a few times is what happens to exisiting sieve scripts. The answer is that they'll carry on functioning as-is, but you won't be able to edit them using ingo (whilst they're both interfaces to sieve, they use comments in their script files to store meta-information, and their meta-information formats are different). Any scripts you write in ingo will overwrite the websieve scripts, so the way to remove your legacy websieve script is to create a script of some form in ingo, and then delete it in ingo.