From about 11:00 tomorrow (Friday 28 October) there will be an interruption in network services to the following areas:
  • Allan Web dining hall
  • Bangor house
  • Canterbury house
  • Centre for Social Development
  • Eden Grove public lab (but not Eden Grove itself)
  • Education department
  • Fine Art (St Peters)
  • Law department
  • Music department
  • Salisbury house.
This interruption should last no more than an hour. During this time, users in the affected areas will not be able to access any network services including e-mail, Novell, protea and the Internet.

For those who are interested, during the outage an un-interruptable power supply will be installed in the music regional switching centre (which serves the above areas). In order to achieve this, power to the switching centre will need to be turned off whilst new electrical cabling is installed to support the UPS.

We appologise for any inconvenience this may cause.