We'll be replacing a number of servers during Sunday's outage. The new servers will be named and configured differently, so if your PC has been configured to use a specific server for a service, you may find that that service won't work after Sunday.

For example, if you've set your mail client to send mail via hipro.ru.ac.za, it won't work after Sunday; whereas those mail clients are correctly set to send mail via mail.ru.ac.za will work as usual. Or, if you've set your PC to use as your DNS server, it won't work; but if your PC uses DHCP to learn its DNS server automatically, it will work.

Please consult the list of recommended network settings if you're not sure of what the correct settings are. The following services will be affected by the new servers:

- IP address autodiscovery (DHCP)
- DNS resolution
- Outgoing mail (SMTP)
- WWW proxy
- Network time protocol (NTP)