2004/05/06 Web Server Downtime 11:00
Both of the University's web servers will be rebooted at 11:00 this morning.

The web server serving (lizard) should be available within five minutes, hopefully sooner.

The web server serving, and a few others (iguana) will be down for about half an hour while we install some replacement memory in the machine.

No action should be required on the part of users.
Iguana came up with new memory a lot faster than expected.

Unfortunately, lizard didn't fare so well. The machine is up, but the web server isn't. We're working on the problem at the moment, and hope to have it back up before the end of lunch.

While the web server is down, you won't be able to fetch the proxy.pac file, meaning that users who during the period the web server was down may not be able to access the Internet. The solution for these users is to restart your web browser after comes back up.