2004/04/13 Upgrade: Resnet
There will be a brief disruption in networking to users of the residence network (including wardens) some time during the morning of Tuesday 2004/04/15. This is two allow us to replace the existing 100Mbps copper link into the firewall with a 1Gbps fibre optic one.

The exact timing of this disruption is dependent on how long it takes to install the fibre optic cable. The network will be fully operational while we do this, and will only be disconnected briefly to change over the interface in the machine itself. This will be the final stage of the installation and it is anticipated that it should take no more than ten minutes to complete. No action should be required by users once networking is restored.
Erratum: The upgrade will happen on Tuesday 13 April, not Thursday 15 April. Appologises for any confusion.