2005/05/19 - Internet Outage
The University's connection to the Internet failed this morning at 2:10. We have reported the problem to Telkom, and they have told us that they are doing testing of their ATM network to find where the problem lies. As yet, they have not given us an estimate of when the connection will be restored.

According to two sources in Telkom, the problem is that "a repeater between two ATM nodes" has blown, and Telkom are trying to repair or replace it. Thet've looked at re-routing the Rhodes traffic, but for some complicated reason are unable to do so. In the mean time they're trying to splice some or other fibre-optic cable to something else, and if this works we'll be up by about 11h00. If it doesn't work, they'll get back to us.

There's a claim that other businesses in Grahamstown are also affected, but I've got no independent confirmation of this.
It would seem that the connection is back up and running. We are now able to reach local, national and international sites. However, we will continue to monitor the connection.