Rhodes' primary cache server has recently being handling in the order of 60 requests a second. In order to better cope with the load this generates, we have taken steps to balance this load over two seperate cache servers. In order to achieve this, the DNS records for wwwproxy.ru.ac.za and cache.ru.ac.za have been updated. They've changed from being a CNAME for cache1 to being two A records pointing at cache1 and cache4. The result is a round-robin DNS system that will spread the load evenly between the two servers.

The University's two proxy autoconfiguration files (proxy.pac and adproxy.pac) have been updated to make cache.ru.ac.za the first preference cache server, with the result that all clients making use of the proxy autoconfiguration files will automatically pick up this change.

This change should be transparent to all users; this notice is purely for informational purposes. Please report any problems to User Support on x8288.