There will be disruption of telephone services to our main PABX system on campus. This will take place on Thursday night from 9:00pm to 11:00pm. This will affect all Telkom incoming and outgoing trunks to the PABX. No calls will be capable of being dialled or received to Telkom's local, national, or international network. Numbers dialled to the cellular networks will not be affected. Also, direct Telkom lines that are not PABX extensions will not be affected.

This disruption is necessary to allow the configuration of a new incoming trunk to the PABX on campus, and the timing has been carefully chosen to minimise the disruption to Rhodes Universities normal business services. The impact of this disruption should be minimal.

We appologize for the continued notifications of disruption. We attempted to do this during lunch hour last Wednesday, but were doomed to failure due to the non arrival of Telkom. Hard and fast arrangements had been made, but seemed to escape Telkom organizationl abilities, somewhere within the system. We are assured that this latest attempt will take place as planned and should occur without any hitches.

Should anyone have any problems as a result of this configuration and implementation of new service please notify the switchboard on ext 8000, or log a fault at the IT help desk (support@ru.ac.za).


John Stevens
Telecommunications Manager
IT Division
Rhodes University