Over the last two days Struben building has suffered two unscheduled power outages. In both cases it appears that these power cuts were the result of an overload on Struben building's circuit in the Chemistry sub station.

In order to try and determine the exact cause of the overload, the electricians have informed us that they're intending to conduct some load tests in Struben building during the course of tomorrow (Friday). These tests will try and intentionally overload the circuit, with the result that there are likely to be more power outages in the building.

Whilst the core networking and file services provided by the IT Division are protected by an uninteruptable power supply and will probably not be affected by these tests, some of the administrative and support services will. In particular it is likely that at times during the course of the day, User Support may not be able to service users immediately. In these instances you are asked to please be patient.

In the very unlikely event that power to Struben is interupted for in excess of 45 minutes, the UPS supplying core services with power may not be able to sustain the demand. In this instance core networking and file services will be affected with the result than users will be unable to use any of the facilities provided by the University's network. We will endevour to ensure that this does not happen.