The electricians have informed us that they're going to be replacing a damaged power cable between Chemistry and Struben buildings tomorrow morning (Tuesday 11 January). They're unsure exactly where this buried cable feeds but there is a possibility that it may feed Struben building.

Core facilities in the machine room are fed by a seperate supply and we're reasonably confident that this is not the cable in question. There is, however, a small risk that power to the computer room will be disrupted. If this happens we'll run on battery power for between forty-five minutes and an hour after which core services, including e-mail and Internet access will be unavailable. We'll know within minutes of work commencing whether this will be the case, and if so, will post an update here.

Work is scheduled to start at around 8am tomorrow and will take two to three hours to complete. During this time, if power to Struben building is effected, the help desk will only be able to provide limited support to users.