2005/01/11 - Ip Address Renumbering
The IP addresses allocated to PCs in a large part of campus will be changed tomorrow evening (Tuesday 11 January). In order to smooth the transition, we recommend that, where possible, PCs be turned off at the end of working hours on Tuesday, and turned on again on Wednesday morning.

The departments affected are listed below. Users in other parts of campus will not be affected by this change.

African Languages, Afrikaans/Nederlands, Allan Webb hall, Anthropology, CSD, Classics, DIFS, DSAE, Dr Motara's home, Education, Fine Art lab, French, German, History, ILAM, ISEA, ISER, Law, Maths, Music, PSAM, Philosophy, Politics, RUMEP, Radio Annex, Rhodes Music Radio, SAIAB, SRC, Sociology, Sol Plaatjie Institute, Sports Admin, Statistics

There are some issues that we anticipate may arise as a result of this change:
  • You might receive a message which says, "Unregistered: Access Denied" when trying to view web sites. In this case, rebooting your PC should resolve the problem.
  • Your PC might warn that your IP address is already in use by another device on the network. In that case, you may have to wait for another person on the network to reboot his/her PC.
  • Any PCs or other devices which are not configured to use DHCP to automatically acquire their IP addresses will need to be reconfigured by hand. However, there should be such devices on the
    network. A complete list of the new IP allocations will be published at later this afternoon.
Should you have any queries about this change, or experience any difficulties accessing the network on Wednesday morning, please contact support on extension 8288.
As mentioned above, the current draft of the new allocations for 176 subnet is available.