2005/01/04 - Web Quota Anomaly
It appears as if the quota system used for web based traffic has been miscalculating traffic since Sun Jan 2 08:00:56 SAST 2005. Since that time all traffic through (and not the other caches) has been calculated cumulatively rather than absolutely. This appears to have happened because a critical timestamp on cache1 was being inadvertently altered by cache2. We'll be able to confirm this at the next quota run at about 9AM this morning.

Once we're sure that our hypothesis is correct, we'll fix the problem and the quota values for cache1 will be reset to more accurately reflect the real traffic levels of the last couple of days. This may take a bit of time to do but should be completed before lunch time today.
The data for cache1 between Sun Jan 2 08:00:56 SAST 2005 and Tue Jan 4 09:19:47 SAST 2005 has been recalculated. The new information will currently only be reflected on the quota graphs at -- a quick check of a few graphs, however, shows some significant changes. The access control lists used by the cache servers and the information reflected at will be updated during the next quota run which is scheduled to happen at around 10AM.