2004/11/08 - Ups Test
The UPS system in Struben building is going to be tested during the course of this morning. The test involves simulating a power failure and running core systems off battery power until the batteries in the UPS are exhausted. Once this happens, the UPS should immediately switch into a bypass mode where all systems are powered off mains.

This test should not be noticeable to users outside Struben building unless the municipal power supply fails. If this happens towards the end of the test, the UPS may not have enough battery capacity left to keep core systems running for any significant duration. This may result in core systems unexpectedly crashing. Steps are being taken within Struben building to minimise the chances of this.

In effect this notice merely serves as a warning of the worst possible case. We expect that the test will go off without any noticeable effect.
As a result of the test we ran earlier today, MGE Systems will be visiting us during the course of tomorrow to work on our UPS. It appears as if one circuit breaker is faulty and needs replacing -- MGE will confirm our diagnosis tomorrow, and if necessary, hopefully replace the component.

At present all systems are battery backed up as normal, but we still can not monitor the UPS as we'd like to.